Proven Best Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

Top Best Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

Do you wish to deal with menstrual cramps once, these are the list of the Proven Best Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps you may not know.

Most often, one of the bad days of a lady is the first day of the menstrual cycle. Yes, we ladies dread that a lot. The backache, neck pain, mood swing and the greatest of them all “menstrual cramps” sums up a whole lot of other problems.

Taking a holistic herbal approach for better menstrual cramp management, you need to seek regularly, the best natural remedies for menstrual cramps.

When you fail to apply the best natural health tips, you will agree with me that you may not successfully deal with occasional menstrual cramps.

Recently studies based on pure research and practice have approved that approaching certain health-related challenges like sexual weakness, cyst in women, infections, menstrual cramps, etc are better of tackled using the herbal way than the normal modern medical way.

Today, I will be highlighting some salient natural remedies for menstrual cramps treatment, making use of the best herbal tips and care for an optimum result.

However, this post is going be a little bit longer as I would take time to explain step by step how you can take advantage of herbal products to manage menstrual cramps once and for all.

What you will gain from this post.

By reading this mind-blowing article, you will learn the following

  • The best herbal way to combat menstrual cramps
  • Why you should patronize herbal products
  • Side effects of herbal drugs
  • Best natural health remedies
  • Best natural health tips and hacks
  • Lastly, the best natural health care for women

I must warn you if you know that you cannot read to the end, don’t bother reading further, because this post is for those women who want the best natural cure for menstrual cramps, those women who want to be free from menstrual anxiety every month.

But however, if you want good value, if you want to learn something worthwhile, I beg you to continue. I promise that you won’t regret it one bit.

For starters,

What are menstrual cramps?

According to Mayoclinic, menstrual cramps medically known as dysmenorrhea are a sharp throbbing or cramping pains in the lower just before and during menstrual periods.

To most women, this pain can be mild while to some, these pains can out rightly affect their mood, daily activities, and health throughout that duration.

PS: Not all women suffer menstrual cramps, while some may encounter menstrual pains always; some may never know what menstrual cramps are all about.

Menstrual cramps are characterized by throbbing of the in your lower abdomen, mood swings, dullness,  Pain that starts 1 to 3 days before your period, rises 24 hours after the start of your period and subsides in 2 to 3 days time.

While this may look like the only symptoms of menstrual cramps, other women may experience nausea, watery stool, and dizziness.

I could go on and go to tell you the symptoms of cramps but that’s not the aim of these posts. In case you have forgotten, I am here to talk about the best herbal remedies for menstrual cramps.

What are the reasons for Menstrual cramps in women?

Basically, there are two reasons why women experience menstrual cramps before and after a menstrual period. They are Clogged Liver and Hormonal Imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance as a result of stress, rapid production of estrogen. Estrogens are hormones that are important for sexual and reproductive development, mainly in women. They are also referred to as female sex hormones.

Another cause of hormonal imbalance in women is poor diet and the absence of proper feeding habits. Most women patronize junk foods more than organic foods, this junk food goes on to build fats in their body which can cause inflammation, pains and excess fats.

This excess fat results in fibroids in ladies and it contributes to you having cramps all over.

Clogged Liver

Consuming a lot of over the counter drugs can cause more harm than good to your liver. Most of this over the counter drugs can cause more problems for you.

This is why we recommend the best natural health tips for your overall organic health. By the end of this post, I shall give you some of the best natural health care tips to protect your liver and end menstrual cramps.

Off we go…

Top 5 Best Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

Wild Yam

If you want a herbal product that soothes and relaxes muscle tissue and effectively reduces chronic pain around the uterus, ovaries, and pelvic region, then you read to purchase Wild yam.

One of the best natural remedies for menstrual cramps in women, which work best during your actual period. You can purchase this product from the link below


Ginger Tea Recipe


When it comes to herbal remedies, you can agree with me that we cannot do without ginger. This plant has been the best herbal gift man has ever received from God. Ginger cures a wild range of diseases ranging from bad breath, sexual weakness and yours faithfully, menstrual cramp.

One of the problems of taking ginger is because of the smell but that’s not a problem. There are some ginger capsules and ginger tea recipes you can swallow without chewing straight.


White Willow Bark


White willow bark is a herb which has been so effective for pain, It’s effective and works quickly to bring down inflammation and to reduce even the most painful cramps you can ever imagine to practically nothing to worry about. You can click on the link to see the prices.



Dong Quai


Do you experience irregular menstrual flow, Is it coming in trickles instead of a straight heavy flow? Then you need this amazing product.  Stagnant flow is one of the root causes of menstrual cramps.

This herb will stimulate the lymph and circulatory systems in your body to make blood flow back to the right tissues.

It relieves menstrual cramps by reducing inflammation caused by stagnation.


Cramp Bark


Cramp bark is one of the best herbs to use for menstrual cramps. It has a strong connection with muscle cramping.

When you experience periodic pain, you uterine walls contracts, which is exactly what causes the severe pain in your lower abdomen.

I prefer Cramp Bark to tea remedies. It takes little than 10 mins to dissipate pains in your lower abdomen. Because these Herbal extracts enter straight through the stomach lining and into your system which causes the contrast uterine walls to relax and relieve the pains.


Best natural health tips and hacks

Having told you about the top best natural remedies for menstrual cramps, I won’t to quick give you these quick hacks to prevent menstrual cramps always.

  • Avoid over the counter drugs, its chemical contents are not so good for your liver
  • Take more water during your monthly period
  • Avoid processed food, junk foods ain’t good for your body as a woman
  • Stick with herbal remedies because they address your issues faster.
  • Always stay fit and healthy.


Wrapping up…

YOU CAN either use one of those products mentioned above or combine them for optimum results. One of the advantages of using this proven best natural remedies for menstrual cramps supplement is that it works for both short-term and long term purposes.

I hope you find this post both interesting and helpful

Use this best natural remedies for menstrual cramps to soothe your pains, clear excess fats, and clogged liver.

You can as well suggest this post to your friends by sharing it with your social platforms, save your fellow women from menstrual pains.

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