Oral Clear Gum Review

Oral Clear Gum Review: Does it actually work for Saliva drug test?

Do you want to know if oral clear saliva neutralizing gum actually works for the impromptu saliva test? Read this unbiased oral clear gum review before making your decision.

Back then when I started writing about mouth care tips, the only thing that came to my mind when I saw the phrase “saliva drug test” was how to pass an impromptu drug test.

At first, I thought it a little impossible to make headway on saliva drug test hacks.

Although, detox mouthwashes have always come to the rescue to this scenario what if you are not actually prepared for a test straight up.

Getting a mouthwash is really good but having saliva drug neutralizing chewing gum handy makes it all reassuring and fun.

Does Oral Clear Gum actually work in passing Saliva drug test?

You may want to ask,

Since there are detox mouthwashes, what’s so special about using this detox gum for a drug test? Does it eliminate the toxins faster?

Taking my time to try out various saliva detox gums online, I realized that oral clear gum surpasses them all. This is why I have decided to write a detailed oral clear gum review, giving its strength and weakness and advising you on why you should buy it or not buy it.

What is saliva neutralizing gum?

A neutralizing gum is a type of chewing gum specifically made to neutralize any traces of drugs found in your saliva during an oral drug test popularly known as  mouth swab drug test.

This chewing gum contains chemicals that are capable of neutralizing drug toxins in your saliva for a short period of time.

In this oral clear gum review, I will explain in details while this saliva neutralizing gum is very essential to anyone who wants to pass mouth swab drug test anytime, any day and anywhere.

Oral clear gum Review: Does it actually work for Saliva drug test?

In this section, I shall discuss fully the pros and cons of oral clear neutralizing gum, stating why you should get it.

I will be strictly unbiased with my review of this product.

The producers of these products promise 30 minutes of toxin detoxification in your saliva if chewed for 30 secs before a saliva drug test. 

Active Ingredients

Acesulfame, artificial flavor, aspartame, butylated hydroxytoluene, corn syrup, dextrose, glycerol, gum base, natural flavor, perhydrol, phenylketonuria (phenylalanine), soy lecithin & sugar.


  • Neutralizes toxins in the saliva faster
  • Easy to use
  • Not harmful to the mouth, therefore, no side effects
  • It has a sweet taste just like typical chewing gum with nice flavor
  • It is not detectable
  • The neutralizes drug toxins for 30 minutes
  • Works well with detox mouthwashes
  • Easy to carry about


  • No guarantee from the product manufacturers
  • you can reuse a chewed gum
  • The price is overtly high.
  • Active time is low

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How to use oral clear saliva neutralizing gum for a drug test

  • Remove the oral clear gum capsule from the tube
  • Remove the gum wrapping.
  • Remember to save wrapping for used gum, don’t throw it away
  • With your lips sealed, bite into the gum capsule then allow the liquid to spread through the mouth without swallowing.
  • Chew the gum either slowly or faster (depends on the situation)
  • Once you have chewed on the gum capsule for 30 seconds, the effect of oral clear saliva neutralizing will last a minimum of 30 minutes.

The great thing about having oral clear saliva neutralizing gum is that you can use it to pass a mouth swab drug test at the spot.

This oral clear gum review is more of a warning and also a backup plan especially if you are in a workplace that requires saliva drug tests without prior information.

Final Verdict 

From my analysis above, you could see that the advantage of this saliva neutralizing gum supersedes the disadvantages. So, should you go for it?

No! Rather, take my advice below

I would advise you to support this oral clear saliva drug neutralizing gum with a detox mouthwash for a perfect result.

I recommend Stinger Detox mouthwash together with oral clear neutralizing gum.

Reason being that what worked for me may not work for you because the drug being tested for, may differ.

Also, it is highly important you get yourself an oral drug testing kit to be used at home before an impending mouth swab drug test.

So, with the combination of a detoxification mouthwash at home and oral clear gum for impromptu saliva test on the road or office, you are guaranteed a good test result.

Overall, abstain from Toxins if you can.