how to treat swollen gums near wisdom tooth

How to treat swollen gums near wisdom tooth

Before you head out to a dentist to treat swollen gums near wisdom tooth, this is a quick one on how to treat swollen gums near wisdom tooth.

If you have had a close friend or loved one suffers from pains from wisdom tooth extraction, you can agree with me that it is more than just a pain.

Do you experience swollen gums near wisdom teeth immediately after wisdom tooth extraction? Learn how to treat swollen gums near wisdom tooth and discover the hidden steps to treat inflamed gums one time.

Getting rid of swollen gums after wisdom tooth extraction can be a kind of trickiest especially to a newbie.

Most people also experience swellings around their jaw area after wisdom teeth extraction. If that is the case with you, kindly read how to treat swelling from wisdom teeth extraction.

Now back to the matter about swollen gums…

Of course, you must not always experience swollen gums near wisdom tooth; there are some mouth and tooth infections that can also cause inflammation of the gums for you.

But in many cases here, people tend to suffer severe pains from swollen gum around wisdom tooth.

For you to know how to treat swollen gums near wisdom tooth, you also need to know the following.

You don’t seek for a solution without reviewing the actual cause of the problem in the first place. These problems include the causes of swollen gums near wisdom tooth, the symptoms of swollen gums.

Lastly, we will discuss how to cure gum swelling around wisdom tooth.


What causes swollen gums around tooth?

Swollen gums near wisdom tooth are caused by a dental infection called Pericoronitis. According to WebMD, Pericoronitis is a dental disorder in which gum tissue becomes swollen and infected around the wisdom teeth

Pericoronitis is a dental condition which causes infection near the wisdom tooth. This condition is characterized with the following symptoms.

What is a wisdom tooth?

In case you don’t know, your wisdom teeth wisdom teeth are the third molar and last in your teeth that usually starts to come out during the start of your adulthood usually the last stage of adolescence.

They either come out fully or partially and when they start growing, they may tear through your gum, thereby causing discomfort and subsequent swelling of the gum.

What causes swollen gums around wisdom tooth?

I shall list some conditions which cause swollen gums around wisdom tooth and How to treat swollen gums near wisdom tooth.

1. Impacted wisdom tooth


2. Bacteria attack

Bacteria can cause you a swollen gum, these bacteria come from food debris that has hung on the gaps of your wisdom teeth. This if not attended to can also cause tooth decay.


3. Food particles in teeth

Food particles on its own have a role to play in swollen gums. As you know, the wisdom teeth are in regular case hard to reach and clean, and even harder to floss. This results in particles of foods to get stuck between your teeth.

Therefore wisdom teeth can easily get infected and bacteria can get trapped between the tooth and the gums thereby causing swollen gums and discomfort.

4. Partially impacted wisdom

Another cause of swollen gums is a partially impacted wisdom tooth. Your gum will be at risk and also at the verge of getting highly infected if you have a partially impacted wisdom tooth.

A painful inflammation (swelling) of the gum tissue in the area of the affected tooth, which makes it difficult for you to bite down food particles at ease without touching the swollen tissue between your teeth.

  • This also brings about bad smell or some kind of foul taste in your mouth especially if these conditions have lasted for days.
  • Possible discharge of a yellowish liquid (pus) from the gum near the tooth.
  • Possible swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck under your chin
  • Lastly, you may experience general swelling on the affected side of your face and feel pains around your jaws and headache.

How to treat swollen gums near wisdom tooth

I shall give you a quick fix here on how to heal swollen gums near wisdom tooth. This quick tip will help you treat gums inflammation before considering a dentist.

1. Use saltwater rinse

When you have a swollen gum near your wisdom tooth, quickly get salt and warm water, mix salt in warm drinking water. Swish it around your mouth over and over again a few times and spit it out. Repeat this as it helps to temporarily slow down the infection-causing bacteria.

2. Use Ice Pack

Do this especially if you are having a swollen chin as a result of swollen gums. This works like magic. Get yourself some ice cubes or packs; place the ice pack on the outside of your cheek, over the infected area. The cold sensation from the ice pack helps to soothe the swelling and reduce the pain.

3. Use Clove oil

Cloves have been found to contain sizable amount natural antibacterial oils. You can leverage on this and use it to treat that swelling.

This is how to do it

Use a cotton swab to collect and apply the clove oil directly to your wisdom tooth. For maximum result, kindly repeat this step a few times to help ease pain and swelling.

4. Use guava extract

It is said that the leaves from guava fruit contain anti-spasm properties. Grab some guava leaves into a pot, boil it for five minutes. Then allow it to cool. You can use it as a mouthwash. Guava leaves have properties that are antibacterial and germs disinfecting.

Note: I strongly advise against the usage of over-the-counter pain medication. Always consult your dentist if things get out of hand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on this topic

I have selected varieties of questions related to this post on how to treat swollen gums near wisdom and also provided straight forward answers to them.

Will swollen gums go away?

Yes, it can go away but if symptoms persist, kindly visit your dentist.

Can swollen gums cause tooth pain?

Of course, it can, when you have a swollen gum, it is a result of either an impacted wisdom tooth or other dental diseases. Therefore, swollen gums can also cause tooth pain.

Will flossing help swollen gums?

No, does not floss until you have treated your swollen gums else you will end up causing yourself more pains trying to floss.

Are swollen gums permanent?


Are swollen gums a sign of teething?

What causes swollen gums around wisdom tooth?

How to treat swollen gums naturally?

How long do swollen gums last?

How to treat swollen gums naturally?

Can swollen gums cause headaches?

Wrapping up…

There are other tips on how to treat swollen gums near wisdom tooth that are not mentioned here but I assure you that I will keep on updating this post till I satisfy you.

However, you need to take the right step first before expecting results. no one can understand the pains you go through except you.

From this quick guides on arrest gum inflammation near wisdom tooth, I hope to hear from you soon.