How to remove plaque on teeth forever

How to remove plaque on teeth (best solution)

Have you been battling with dental plaque for so long? I have good news! Today you are going to learn from A-z: ” How to remove a plaque on teeth”.

Love ’em or hate ’em, one tiny disease can place you at the edge of life cessation; such as the very harmful condition of human well-being when encompassed by a plaque on the teeth.

I wish that was all, in this article, I owe you the perfect solution to prevent any form of toothache plus one free secret which will blow your mind; trust me most people don’t know about it.

Before we start; I have a question for you: ” When was the first time you heard of teeth plaque?”

Good heavens! Teeth plaque has been my worst nightmare, it almost shot me off.

Someone should stop me from crying! C’mon I mean it. I hate teeth plaque! And I will always hate it.

Cut it out, let’s get down to business. I have dedicated my whole time for you today and in the next few minutes we are going to learn a lot; come closer let me whisper a wee secret ” I am going to teach you how to remove a plaque from your teeth for good”

I was only 21 when I had a black plaque on my teeth! I was very uncomfortable, and my mouth always felt sour. I did say, having a plaque in your teeth is an imposed danger that may, in turn, affect your dental health.

I really want to help things out, and I am going to show you how to remove plaque on teeth with the other free secrets, I will show you about dental health.

See, I hate stories. So without further ado let us go straight to business

Removing Plaque from teeth – The Doctor’s Guide.

According to the world health organization (W.H.O) team, at the 11th world congress on preventive dentistry ( WCPD) which held in Delhi, India; It was declared that Oral health plays a tremendous role, and it indicates the overall health of a person’s quality of Life.

Little things have ended many lives and dental health is something that must not be joked with.

According to Wikipedia Tooth plaque or simply put; Dental plaque is a Biofilm or mass of bacteria, that grows on surfaces within the mouth.

I know you may want to ask how tooth plaque is formed before we even talk about how to remove plaque on teeth.

Everyone eats, or don’t you? Everyone also develops plaque on the teeth but not everyone notices them. Tooth plaque is a bacteria, and a layman will understand that.

This useless bacteria is formed by most of the ingredients contained in your diet and saliva, did you know that?

When last did you eat bread, potato chips, candy and dried fruits? Now you see, even you can also experience this so-called dental plaque which can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and some silly tartar build up.

If your tooth decays; Sorry is your name. Moreover, what assurance do you have right now that you don’t have a tooth plaque ( Dental plaque)? It is not something to mess with because tooth decays lead to mouth pain.

Let me blow your mind

See, have you ever wondered why most times your teeth look sparkly white after brushing up, but later to realize that it starts having a kind of yellow color or a dull look? That’s good, welcome to the genesis of dental plaque.

That’s not all….

Have you also experience some kind of hard pain when brushing your teeth?

I knew it, I wasn’t the only one that keeps getting disturbed by that freaking teeth plaque, If you are not noticing your teeth having some kind of yellowish color, then you need to get someone else to inspect for you.

In actuality, a plaque is most times unsightly.

It houses the upper part of your teeth and below the gum; anyone can experience this.

Even if you finally remove the plaque from your teeth, you never know, it is going to keep coming back which gives me more reasons to take the pain and give you a concrete information on how to remove a plague on the teeth once and forever, just as it gives you more reason to read the whole of this guide.

I just felt like doing a bit of introduction on what it means to have a plaque on your teeth, my aim is to show you how to remove it, am happy that you know now so may I proceed?

Here are 7 steps on how to remove plaque from teeth.

1. Cut away from those foods and habits that cause plaque on the teeth.

If you want me to show you how to get rid of black plague/hard plaque from your teeth or any form of dental plaque, then you will have to do me a favor.

First, you need to avoid some things, assuming you really want to remove plaque from your tooth.

I cannot say much, but the first thing I need you to thrash is Smoking, i.e assuming you smoke.

According to research, smoking or taking tobacco can make you have tartar which is another name for dental plaque.

Does smoking cause tooth plaque?

Yes, smoking is the cause of several diseases that build up in the gum. If the bacteria that affect your gum stays there for too long, it is going to make up layers of plaque, and it builds up tartar in your teeth.

Tartar is a hardened plaque, but relax I am going to show you how to get rid of hard plaque on your teeth.

In a nutshell, my heart bleeds for those who do not know the dangers that smoking cause to the well-being of the teeth. It is advisable to stop smoking while trying to get rid of teeth plaque.

Apart from smoking, there are most starchy foods that cause cavities in the teeth, these foods will not help the healing process of dental plaque.

So, you can consider stopping them for the now or limit them.

It is usually a result of too many carbohydrates and when you take too much of them, it will indirectly cause you to have a tooth plaque and removing it sometimes can be abortive.

I am optimistic that, these starchy foods are associated with the causes of tartar that builds up in your teeth which cause tooth decay over time, mostly when you do not brush properly and occasionally.

Foods/drinks such as potato, bread, starches made from white flour, citrus, carbonated drinks, and candies can lead to this.

When you have avoided this, you can finally move ahead with the following do’s on how to remove plaque on teeth.

2. Brush your teeth and do some floss.

The next remedy to remove plaque from your teeth is to brush up after flossing your teeth.

Brushing and flossing is the fundamental technique to remove plaque from the teeth.

It’s the most effective technique I know of and it has been proven as the best method of removing plaque from the teeth.

Floss is a kind of material used in cleaning the teeth and I will show you the exact steps to take to floss your teeth and most crucially how to brush your teeth properly.

Floss is a material that can be used to remove any tiny particle hanging between your teeth or staying in your gum, there is a traditional and modern form of floss which you can grab from the nearest dental shop around you.

It is wise to floss your teeth before brushing, this is just a remedy to remove plaque from the teeth.

Tie the floss around your finger (for both hands) pinch it with your thumb.

Ensure there is a little space between both hands. Then, carefully start cleaning your teeth with it by sliding up and down. Be careful not to harm your gum.

Do not forget the back side of the teeth, properly clean it all with the floss.

This technique can be done every day. That is the simplest way to remove plaque from a tooth.

Next, brush your teeth!

Use some tartar control (toothpaste) having fluoride, just do a thorough brush up in all the parts of your mouths, brush your tongue as well.

Repeat this every day, and you will see that you finally got rid of dental plaque. Good hygiene equals good health.

3. Wash your mouth with virgin coconut oil:

Another effective method on how to remove plaque from the teeth is simply by washing your mouth with virgin oil.

This method would be effective for you if you don’t know how to go about the flossing technique. The goal is to remove plaque from the teeth and virgin oil does just the same thing.

Howbeit, this has been an age-old technique, but it still works, and it’s a great way to maintain your oral health.

By using virgin coconut oil that would be the end of plaque.

Thanks to the 2015 research done in Nigeria by some Medical journal where it was confirmed that using coconut oil does help.

It is believed that coconut oil contains high lauric acid which also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects on the teeth.

How to use virgin coconut oil to remove plaque.

STEP 1: Get an extra virgin coconut oil from the nearest shop around you.

STEP 2: Pour one tablespoon of the oil into your mouth; leave it to stay there for 15 minutes (minimum) and 25 minutes (maximum)

STEP 3: After that, spit out the oil.

Warning: Do not swallow the oil or gargle it while in your mouth.

STEP 4: Dip your hand in the oil and use it to massage your gum.

STEP 4: Now brush your teeth and tongue very well.

Do this every day. That is how to get rid of plaque from the teeth.

4. Use Aloe Vera to remove teeth plaque.

Another technique to remove plaque from the teeth is by leveraging Aloe Vera.

Everyone knows what Aloe Vera is, or don’t you?

Aloe Vera is an antimicrobial plant that can get rid of plaque from your gum, and it works like magic.

Not only does it kill the bacteria hanging on your teeth, but it also gets rid of bad breath.

So how do I use Aloe Vera to get rid of plaque?

Quite simple.

STEP 1: Pluck a fresh Aloe Vera leaf from anywhere around you.

STEP 2: Extract the pulp from the Aloe Vera leaf in a pale.

STEP 3: Rub the extracted pulp directly on your teeth and gum.

STEP 4: Leave it to dry on your mouth for at least 10 minutes, after this use clean cold water to rinse it off, and we are done.

This is method must be used twice a day for faster result.

5. Use orange peels to remove teeth plaque.

Without exaggerating much, it is obvious that Orange peels have natural juice which is very useful for human health.

This juice contains acid as we all know, and this can be used as a natural whitener to remove any stain from your teeth.

Did you know that?

Well, it does not only remove stain from the teeth. The Limonene from an orange peel will break down every form of plaque from your teeth without any affecting your enamel.

That is still not all…

This orange peel contains vitamin C. Vitamin C will help prevent any further growth of microorganisms on your teeth.

How to use orange peel to remove plaque from the teeth.

STEP 1: Grab a fresh orange and peel off the skin.

STEP 2: Use the inside portion (the part that looks white)  to rub your teeth and gums.

This should only be done before bedtime when you’re about to sleep.

STEP 3: Leave it to stay on your teeth overnight and wash it off by properly brushing your teeth the following morning.

Do this several times, and your teeth will become sparkly and white.

6. Using guava.

The last method to remove plaque on teeth which i have for you to is by using Guava.

I hope this doesn’t sound weird? Alright, let’s move on.

The truth is, I have done a series of research and experiment, and it is undoubtedly that guava fruits and leaves have anti-plaque agents.

Do you want to know the best method on how to remove hard plaque on the teeth? Then use Guava.

It has powerful antibacterial and Biofilm that fights against dental plaque.

That sounds cool, right?

How to use Guava to remove plaque from the teeth.

STEP 1: Get a fresh guava leaf and chew it raw in a thorough way. Relax you’re not an animal, we are trying to get rid of plaque.

STEP 2: Spit it out properly then wash off.

STEP 3: You also need to get unripe guava, put a little salt on the guava and chew it slowly.

That is it, say bye to teeth plaque. You must use this method twice a day for just a few days.


Hurray! That was cool, I am optimistic that fighting plaque would not be a task for you because most of the treatment for plaque that I have mentioned are all home remedies.

How to prevent tooth decay (dental plaque) forever – The free secret, I have for you

How to remove plaque on teeth forever

I feel saddened when I see how most people brush their teeth.

It’s usually in this manner ” Shi- sha, shi-sha” pours water in the mouth ” Sha-sho, sha-sho” and then calls it the end of the day.

Welcome to the next section of this guide. Now, remember the gift i have for you. I could have closed the curtain after showing you how to remove dental plaque, but how could i have done so, I keep telling people this ” Prevention is better than cure”

For that reason, I will show you just how to prevent tooth plaque from any future occurrence.

The veracity of the phenomenon that plaque will continually harden your teeth, depreciating your total dental well-being is susceptible and must be handled subsequently just to be safer.

Plaque must be avoided in case of any re-occurrence.

Majority of people only care about overcoming plaque.

Yes, we just covered that section, but have you ever thought of a recurrence?

 So how do i avoid it forever? That is the secret that is not really secret, except for the fact that most people do not look into it which we i will show you know.

Remember that plaque can cause tooth decay. So, if you have tooth decay it is likely you are experiencing a plaque. That is why i want to show you some tips on how to prevent tooth decay.

Just as you are also going to get rid of plaque.

Try not to obsess much about this so-called bacteria that belittle your dental health but do not let it jump the gun, this is why you need an effective control method.

So here are some tips to see to the effect on how to prevent plaque from re-occurrence.

Recommended for you:

1. Always Drink plenty of water:

Occasionally drinking water would reduce every form of plaque attack. It will always keep your mouth hydrated to ensure any bacteria or food substances does not hang there.

When your mouth is dried, your teeth can easily decay and you must avoid tooth decay. Keep your mouth hydrated and that will be the end of dental plaque.

2. Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste:

By using the methods of removing plaque I have mentioned, it does not guarantee that you are free from plaque forever.

Bacteria will continually invade your teeth, but when you raise the habit of brushing twice a day, you will finally see that plaque has no room in your teeth.

3. Apply for a periodical dental Checkup.

The thing is, plaque is most times unseen until they become worse. Keep your health at watch by always going for a frequent check-up, and there would be no re-occurrence of plaque.

4. Always Eat fruits and Vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits are generally useful for human health. They will help you increase the flow of saliva in your mouth which will remove every form of plaque bacteria in your teeth.

It is much better if you eat raw fruits with their skin especially guava and vegetables.

5. Avoid too much of surgery substances.

Take it or leave it, taking lots of sugars will cause bacteria attack in your teeth that result in tooth decay. I am not asking you to avoid sugar, but keep it on a low.

Tooth sensitivity (the last secret I have for you).

Have you ever experienced sensitive pain in your teeth when drinking cold drinks or very hot drinks?

Well, that is what we mean by tooth sensitivity.

I really want to be a good dental health doctor to you, that is why I am going extra miles to teach you more so that you can always smile.

Most people have tooth sensitivity to touch, i.e it twinges when it is being touched or when you take too cold or hot drinks.

Is this another form of bacteria?

Unfortunately, it isn’t caused a bacterium, however, some medical team has traced its course down to some effects caused by dental plaque, in order words when the enamel in your teeth gets infected by teeth plaque it in turns causes tooth sensitivity but is not limited to that.

The reason for tooth sensitivity after feeling it is a result of damaged enamel.

Your enamel is the protective layer of your teeth which you must care for. I have taught you enough tips on how to remove plaque on teeth, and that is also a step towards getting rid of tooth decay ( that goes in line with tooth sensitivity, and dental plaque).

Some few tips I have for you.

1. Try to avoid acidic substances. 

Dear friends, watch what you put in your mouth, most of these substances have acidic juice.

Any substance that has high sugar can affect your enamel which is supposed to protect your teeth.

Doctors recommend feeding on milk, cheese, and plain yogurt to safeguard your teeth.

2. Brush your teeth with care:

Tooth sensitivity can occur if you scrub the gum in your teeth too hard. Be very careful and save yourself from any dental issues.

3. Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth:

Yes, there are a lot of them. When your tooth is sensitive to touch, this can help you overcome it.

Wrapping up on how to remove plaque on teeth!

Phew!  That was much but I hope you learned one or two all the way? If there is one thing I want you to take home from this whole article, it is this: ” Prevention is better than cure”.