How to pass oral drug test 2020

How to pass oral drug test 2020 (Tips and Tricks)

Learn how to prepare for an oral drug test. Since the new year is almost here, discover how to pass oral drug test 2020 without problems. It is important you begin now to prepare than late.

As the new year draws by, it comes with many things including oral drug tests or oral drug examination. This is why you need to start now to learn how to pass oral drug test 2020.

Over the years, there has been a massive improvement in oral fluid drug testing. This method is used by any organization to test and discover drug content in the saliva of the testers.

To be more specific, to some employers, you must pass an oral drug test before they can consider you for employment.

You must not wait until you have an interview before you can go for an oral drug test. This is why you need to prepare yourself ahead of time.

Learning how to pass oral drug test 2020 gives you an edge over others, it boosts your confidence.

This means that you can comfortably match into any oral drug examination with the confidence of coming out tops.

With this post, I will show you some oral drug test hacks to scale through any saliva drug test next year.

The oral drug test is not different from the ones being carried out by police on the roadside, so you should be prepared at all times.

At any point in time as a smoker, I recommend you always chew an oral drug neutralizing gum if you must go out.

What are the drugs to be screened?

Some of the popular drugs to be screened through saliva drug tests include:

  • THC: cannabis, marijuana, hashish
  • COC: cocaine and crack
  • OPI: heroin and opiates
  • AMP: amphetamines
  • MET/MDMA : methamphetamine and ecstasy

N/B: Each substance is detected independently. Therefore, the test gives a result drug by drug.

What is the time frame for each drug in the saliva?

The duration for the presence of each drug differs. While THC may take 6 -8 hours to disappear from your system after smoking, the like of cocaine and heroin may take between 24 hours – 48 hours theoretically.

Kindly note that this test detects the same marijuana salivary traces as those wanted in the screening carried out at the roadside by the police forces and other drug agencies.

Considering the above, you are to prepare ahead of time.

What is the drug detection window for oral fluid testing?

According to Labcorp, depending on the drug used, dose, and route of administration, a drug may be detected in oral fluid in less than one hour and remain detectable for five up to 48 hours after last use

Oral drug test hacks 2020

One of the greatest oral drug test tricks is to always chew a drug neutralizing gum before stepping out to the street, it clears your saliva of any presence of THC and other drugs.

But the best is to cut down on the use of drugs entirely.

How to pass oral drug test 2020 (Tips and Tricks)

Always have a detox mouthwash in hand

A detox mouthwash has the capacity of neutralizing any trace of the drug in your saliva 30 minutes before a test. Therefore, always have one handy at any point in time.

The advantage of this is that a detox mouthwash cannot be detected during the oral drug test so you need not worry.

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Chew neutralizing gums

Just as the detox mouthwash, always have a saliva drug neutralizing gum. This comes in handy when you feel like stepping.

With the combination of a neutralizing gum and a detox mouthwash, you can achieve an optimum result. The best drug neutralizing gum so far is the Oral Clear gum. Its efficiency is top-notch.

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Get an oral drug testing kit

You can actually carry out a saliva drug test on your own prior to the actual drug test. There are some good DIY saliva drug testing kits you can buy to aid you on that.

The good thing is that you will through the testing kits, know your expected results. You can carry out this test on your own in the comfort of your house.

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Quit doing Drugs

Another option to consider is to take steps on learning how to stop a marijuana addiction. Also, you need to quit drugs, honestly, if you do so, you wouldn’t be afraid of any oral or saliva drug test.


Wrapping up…

To conclude, I strongly recommend you buy a detox mouthwash together with testing kits. So that when you use the mouthwash, you use the testing kit to test yourself then you compare your results.

The best advice here on how to pass oral drug test 2020 is to start now to abstain from drugs. Some drugs may remain in your system for 48 -72 hours.

If you intend having an oral drug test in the future, it is important you forgo smoking or taking hard drugs for like 2 weeks before the test.

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