How to pass a mouth swab drug test in 2020

How to pass a mouth swab drug test in 2022 (Mouth Swab drug test hacks)

You do not want to miss this post on how to pass a mouth swab drug test with actionable mouth swab drug test hacks in 2022. Learn the tips and tricks to pass saliva drug screening test.

Passing a mouth swab drug test is an essential assessment for some employers and government establishments.

To ardent smokers, this could be an uphill task because officials are now busy putting stringent measures to curb the use of drugs especially cigarette and other hard drugs.

It does not actually matter how long you have been into drugs though, but passing a saliva test is not actually impossible if you are into drugs.

It does not also matter how long the drug has settled in your body especially in your mouth, it does not also matter how when you took drug last, your test can actually come out negative.

Passing an oral test which involves the panel test, mouth swab test or saliva test will not be a problem to you again after this post.

Well, for the records, this post is not meant to encourage you to do drugs, in fact, if you want to be on a safer side, you can start by doing away with drugs.

But however, even if you have been battling with relinquishing your drug lifestyle, I shall show you how to pass a mouth swab drug test in 2022.

It’s very simple and possible to learn how to pass a saliva drug test, irrespective of how long TBC has stayed in your saliva, I am going to show you how mouth swab drug tests works and saliva drug detection times.

Stay tuned as I also show how to avoid detection, including some proven steps on how to pass mouth swab drug test most people don’t know about.

Furthermore, I will also tell you the best drug test detox mouthwash and gums you can use, that will ensure that you pass your oral drug test without any hitch and disappointment.

Technology is changing, although the mouth swab test is much easier to pass than the urine and blood test because it is hard to detect drugs in you saliva taking days before the test,

However, you should also know that things could change in the mouth swab test in 2022.

What is THC in a saliva drug test?

In case you have been wondering what the term “THC” means in a drug test, THC is an acronym for tetrahydrocannabinol.

According to livescience , THC is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects.

It acts much like the cannabinoid chemicals made naturally by the body, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Saliva Drug Test what is it all about?

I know you may be wondering what saliva drug test is all about and why you should be worried about passing it a mouth swab drug test.

The first step to know how to pass a mouth swab drug test in 2022 is to understand and know what it really is, it’s a mode of operation and why it is carried out.

A saliva drug test is just the simple operation of collecting your saliva in order to screen it for the presence of drugs.

Is this case, a cotton swab can be used to collect a little amount of saliva from your mouth. Some also used a cotton bud to pick up the saliva droplets from your mouth.

Literally, it does not matter the material used whether cotton swab, cotton sponge and a cotton bud, what matters is that your saliva is taken for the saliva drug test.

Types of mouth swab drug test

Mouth swab drug test includes but not limited to:

  1. mouth swab drug test for alcohol: This is simply a test to check the level of alcohol in one’s system by taking a sample of their saliva and passing it through a mouth swab drug kit.
  2. mouth swab drug test for weed: Just like the above, your saliva can be taken to determine the level of weed in your bloodstream using your saliva.
  3. mouth swab drug test for nicotine: Traces of nicotine can be found on one’s saliva and this is made possible with the saliva drug test also known as mouth swab drug test.
  4. mouth swab drug test for smoking cigarettes: You can also be checked to know your level of cigarette intake.
  5. mouth swab drug test for steroids: Most bodybuilders use steroids to grow their physical muscles. An oral drug test can be used to check the level of steroids in their bloodstream.

What drugs do swab test detect?

There are some series of drugs the oral drug test detects. These drugs include

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • Methamphetamine
  • Amphetamines
  • Heroin
  • LSD

You can actually buy a mouth swag drug test kits and check it yourself before actually going for the oral drug test. An example is easy@Home’s 5 panel instant drug test kit which is sold on Amazon.

It is very simple to administer yourself.

All you need to note from this is that mouth swab drug test is really easy for anyone, it takes anyone to do a mouth swab drug test, and see within 60 seconds if you have used any drugs recently.

How long does saliva drug test take?

The saliva drug test does not take long. Firstly, the swab sample is then put into a labeled container, pressed against a panel and the saliva sample analyzed.

After the mouth swab sample has been duly analyzed, you will then get either a positive or a negative result, for each type of drug it is looking for in the drug test.

Mouth Swab Drug Test Hacks 2022

Do not be deceived, most online advice is ineffective or even harmful, but there are a few small ways to increase your odds. I advise you to purchase your own re-usable DIY mouth swab drug test kits for home use online use before taking the actual test. this will enable you to prepare ahead of any oral drug tests anywhere.

So I have compiled some practical drug test hacks to help you scale it this one time.

#1 You must prepare in advance

This preparation entails boycotting anything called drugs for a time duration of 72 hours prior to your test. To be on the safe side, you must adhere to this instruction. It is first on my list on important mouth swab drug test hacks because it forms the foundation for other mouth swab drug test hack I am going to show you.

#2 Always brush and swish 3 days before the test

For a couple of days preceding your oral drug test, you must brush your teeth and scrub your tongue properly three times a day. Always use a soft-bristled-manual toothbrush and pay more attention to the gum line, cheeks, and tongue, which are the most common areas for the swab drug test.

#3 Always Stay Hydrated

Keep your mouth hydrated by taking in more water and water containing fruits. You should drink lots of water to keep your mouth clean and fresh. Furthermore, chewing ice will also help keep your mouth fresh, thoroughly rinsed and reduce the level of drug metabolites below the accepted level.

#4 Reduce your Mouth Ph level

Another mouth swab drug test trick is reducing your oral Ph level. This is made possible through the consumption of Lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar because they are efficient in changing the acidity level in the mouth.

#5 Always move with a detox mouthwash or drug neutralizing gum

To pass a mouth swab drug test, there are other two options which are mouthwash and gum. Both of them have tested results when checked with saliva drug test kits.

#6 Do not smoke 3 days to a drug test

You must not smoke within 72 hours of your expected saliva test. Most drugs especially nicotine could result in a false-positive result. Therefore, try and restrain yourself from smoking for that time period.

#7 Let your examiner know if you are on medications

Lastly, always notify the examiner if you are on medications. Some medications are known to influence mouth swab drug test results.


Detox Mouthwash Vs Neutralizing Gum – 3 Ways To Pass Saliva drug test in 5 Minutes.

There are three surest ways to pass your test without breaking a sweat. They are Stinger Detox Mouth Wash, Stinger Detox Mouthwash with 2 saliva drug tests and Saliva drug neutralizing gum.

They all have really good results, especially the stinger detox mouthwash (check price on Amazon).

In this quick comparison below. The neutralizing gum is the most pricier but gives the fastest positive results in a short time (in case of emergency). The effect of the gum in your saliva lasts for 3o minutes of which you should know that the saliva drug test is just less than 30 secs.

Failing a compulsory Saliva drug test is not something you want to face, so why not take the safest step and get the gums.

However,  if you want to prepare for a saliva drug test beforehand, maybe you have a saliva test to do next week, I strongly suggest you start now to administer Stinger Detox Mouthwash which comes with a 2 saliva drug tests kit.

Chewing a Neutralizing gum and using a detox mouth wash a few minutes before a mouth swab drug test is the surest way to pass a mouth swab drug test instantly.

The use or combination of these products cancels any atom of doubt you are having on passing that compulsory test. Kindly click on check prices to see more details about their prices, shipping, and reliability.

Neutralizing GumStinger Detox Mouthwash with 2 saliva drug testsStinger Detox Mouth wash
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How to pass a mouth swab drug test in 2022 (a DIY guide)

Now if you are worried about swab test for drugs and how to pass it, this Do-it-yourself (DIY) guide will show you some oral drug test hacks you do not know.

1. Drink a lot of water regularly

You need to keep your mouth hydrated always; this is a simple DIY hack. Once your mouth is fully hydrated, your saliva is refreshed always.

Research has shown that as new saliva is being formed in your mouth, the concentration of the content of the drugs reduces also.

Stay away from foods and drinks that dehydrate your mouth. Stay away from smokes, coffee, and tea.

Inculcate the habit of eating fruits like watermelon and cucumber, and drinking a lot of water always.

2. Avoid drugs four (4) days before your mouth swab drug test

To be on a safer side, make sure you abstain from taking drug 4-5 days before your mouth swab test. Research has shown that the oral drug test cannot easily detect drugs taken from 48-72 hours before the test.

In view of the above, I’ll advise you to stay away from drugs and any drugs related food especially marijuana four (4) days before the drug test.

3. Brush your teeth regularly

This is one of the most effective ways to deal with drug streams on your saliva. You should know how to brush your teeth properly at least twice daily so as to gradually remove those traces of THC from your saliva.

While you brush your teeth, do not neglect your tongue because if you do, then your efforts have been in vain. You should also read how to clean your tongue properly at the same rate you brush your teeth daily.

Brushing your teeth and tongue thoroughly is an old fashioned way of removing drug traces from the saliva and this method still works wonders to date.

4. Chew gums before your oral drug test

Chew a couple of gums a few minutes before your mouth swab drug test. Chewing a piece of gum helps your saliva production to stay refreshed regularly.

Chewing gums reduces the concentration of any drugs in your saliva. Chewing gums prior to your oral drug test will also change the chemical makeup in your oral fluids, which can reduce the effectiveness of the mouth swab drug test.

5. Use saliva detox mouthwash

There is a list of Best detox mouthwash to pass the Mouth Swab Drug Test in less than 10 hours. This is undoubtedly the best way to pass a mouth swab drug test.

Using a detox mouthwash a few hours before your oral drug test can prove very effective because it effectively neutralizes every drug traces left in your saliva and secondly, you do not need to carry your mouthwash around.

Taking it consecutively before the swab test can get you the best result and the fun path is that even if you get searched at work, or before your mouth drug test, the chances of anyone finding it a very rare.

For me, after applying the steps above, you should just crown it all by using a detox mouthwash and you’ll have about 45 minutes of clean saliva after that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Mouth Swab Drug Test

This is the frequently asked questions about the mouth swab drug test that has been answered in this post.

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Wrapping up…

Conclusively, while more and more employers are using mouth swab drug tests to screen their employees and prospective employees, you need to know the hidden tips on how to pass a mouth swab drug test in 2022.

Every year comes with its own challenges; you need to be prepared for it so as to enjoy freedom financially and health-wise.

Always abstain from drugs for at least 2 to 3 days before the swab test, you can also apply this DIY steps I am going to show you in this post.

ALERT: The danger with a saliva drug test is that you could be caught out unawares, you simply won’t know when you are going to face one. You may not be given a notice, therefore always stay prepared at all times

As you already know, they are this mouth swab drug test is easy to administer, which could mean that you may not get much notice at all.

Do not hesitate to drop your comments and questions in the comments box and also share this with your friends on social media before it is too late.