how to make baby lips pink naturally

How To Make Baby Lips Pink Naturally

It is your duty to keep your baby cute and attractive. Discover this hidden DIY home remedies to make your baby’s lips pink naturally without side effects.

Normally, newborn babies are born with pink or red lips but as some point after birth, they may not maintain that lip colour, I am going to show you how to make baby lips pink naturally and permanently.

while some babies were born with slightly dark lips, some were born with pink lips. There are so many guides on this online but they do not assure a permanent result which is very sad for a caring parent. Trust me, keep your the lips of your baby pink is a great way to boost his or her confidence when they grow up. In order to make this possible, there are some simple DIY hacks to make your baby lips pink and to keep it so.

Why is my baby lips dark? 

Babies are prone to dryness and cracking of the skin because the baby’s skin is fragile and sensitive so we must use proper care and nutrition. Some babies are born to pink lips, which are eventually changed when the time passes due to some external factors like sun, cold etc. if your baby had beautiful pink lips after birth and gradually become black, then you need to do these things written in this article ASAP.

Secondly, the colour of the lips depends on the number of melanocytes. The more melanocytes in your baby’s lips, the more it will look darker. Sometimes,  it can be the reason for the overproduction of melanocytes in your baby’s lips, and that can cause your baby’s lips to become darker instead of the original pink.

how to make baby lips pink naturally

5 Home Remedies  to Make Newborn Baby Lips Pink Naturally

Babies are cute and attractive especially when they have pink lips, in some cases, they may lose this beautiful colours if not properly taken care of, however, I have outlined DIY home remedies on how to make your baby lips to be pink even as they grow.

  1. Apply a few drops of breastmilk on your babies lips and allow for some time, then wipe out the breastmilk from your child’s lips using a clean soft moist cotton swab. breastmilk has been proven to have medicinal benefits for children and also contains anti-bacterial that helps fight skin colouration in children and keep their lips pink and hydrated.
  2. Always apply little desi ghee on the baby’s lips and leave for the whole night to keep it nourished and pink. do not apply it during the day because your baby may feel uncomfortable and there’s every chance that she may swallow it.
  3. Apply organic extra coconut oil to your babies lips whenever they’re asleep. Coconut oil contains medicinal ingredients that help to moisturize, hydrate, and lighten the pigmented skin of your child and make it pink.
  4. Always use lip balm for babies. This lip balms should be harsh-free and chemical-free and has some natural skin lightening agents to keep your baby’s lips pink and beautiful. there are many lip lightening products for babies in the market, however, I am recommending Organic All-Purpose Lip Balm. As a note of warning, do not share your babies lip balm with another baby, the result may be unfavourable to your baby in the long run.
  5. Cocoa butter, as well as shear butter oil, helps to nourish and moisturize skins. since babies have delicate lips, this oils help to smooth, hydrate and protect your child’s lips from sunburn.  These are the home remedies that can help to make the baby’s lips pink.

How to maintain pink lips for babies

To nourish and maintain pink lips for your babies, there are things you need to correct and put in place. One of the root causes of dry and chapped lips in babies is the lack of moisture or hydration in their lips. Exposing your child to harsh air or weather condition can cause lips pigmentation. To protect the lips of your baby and always keep it pink, do this below:

  • Do not expose their lips to hot air, cold weathers and dry air.
  • Do not use lip balms that are not made for baby use on your baby
  • Always use baby lip balms that moisturize and hydrates their lips
  • Use a humidifier in your baby’s room to keep the moisture content in the room high. this way, your baby lips won’t lack moisture and hydration.
  • Always wipe her lips with a clean moist cotton swab after breastfeeding.
  • Babies are prone to dryness and cracking of the skin because the baby’s skin is fragile and sensitive so we must use proper care and nutrition.

Babies are soft and delicate and they need to be treated with the utmost care. Always be careful with what you do with your baby including food, products and health. Always consult your Doctor for guidance where you are confused.

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