How to get pink lips for men (Best easy tips to brighten your lips)

How to get pink lips for men (Best easy tips to brighten your lips)

Do you want to learn how to get pink lips for men? You are in the right place. Personally, the killer tips will go a long way to help you get baby soft pink lips naturally and get rid of dark lips.

You should know that your lips according to Mouth Care Tech are an essential part of your mouth make up.

Just as you learn how to properly brush your teeth and subsequently learn how to properly clean your tongue; it is still important you don’t neglect those beautiful lips of yours.

Remember that your face is the first thing a stranger looks at when in contact for the first time.

And the ladies look at your lips first when they are hitting on you.

Take this from me.

As a man, you still need to look good to boost your overall confidence and impress the ladies.

Yes, you heard me right.

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It is no longer news that the ladies love a good kisser and also they are widely attracted to that man that has the most inviting pink lips ever.

Not only do they get attracted to pink lips, they also love it when their man has these baby soft pink lips.

How to get pink lips for men

How do guys get nice pink lips?

Many men get their nice pink lips through proven natural and artificial steps, they do this to boost their overall aura and feel good themselves.

Interestingly, these methods of getting pink lips for men differ from individual to individual.

While some men use the laser treatment method of dark lips, some prefer the organic way of getting a permanent pink lip for themselves.

Before now, you may be using lip gloss.

Are you surprised?

You heard me right. Some men use pink or red lip gloss to brighten up their lips and feel alright.

How will this post help me?

  • If you are a man and you have lost your confidence level as a result of dark lips
  • As a man, you battle with dry lips all the time
  • If you use lip gloss just to impress
  • If you have been looking for a lasting solution on how to get pink lips for men

Trust me,

This few natural ways of getting baby soft pink lips for men have been in existence for a long time but have been widely neglected for the more conventional method.


Where some of the conventional or modern methods of getting pinks for men had failed, the natural ways still excels.

What you stand to gain from this post on how to get pink lips for men

I must warn you, after this reading this post if you don’t take that bold step of applying what you have learned, I will not be happy with you lol.

Well, enough kidding

You stand to gain the following from this post

  1. Make your lips pink even if you are a smoker
  2. Get a long-lasting baby soft pink lips
  3. Get the best alternatives to men lips care products
  4. Get the hidden secrets on how dark guys get nice pink lips
  5. Maintain your pink lips without any side effects
  6. Increase your confidence level with a bright smile.
  7. Get the lady you have been crushing on…lol

Well before now, you can agree with me that men do not actually care about their outer appearance as the ladies do.

You also agree with me that that archaic trend is now changing.

I can clearly say here that…

Men’s lips are naturally less pinkish than ladies.

Now, sadly enough, smoking has been an important factor that has contributed to for their dark or brownish lips.

Most smokers battle with stains on their lips. This cigarette stain leaves a dark color on their lips.

Are you a smoker and you want to know how to get red lips permanently?

If yes, you really need to stop smoking to get those soft pink and reddish lips that you so desire

Another problem why you won’t get the pink lips that you dream of is that men move more in the sun.

This sun rays cause your lips to dry, hence there’s a break in your lips. This is another big one to worry about because it causes their lips to be discolored.

Besides smoking and ultra-violet rays from the sun; taking a large quantity of tea or coffee, warm wind, licking lips etc. are also some of the reasons for having black lips.

This does not only affect men it also affects women. Minimize your coffee intake.

I advised you to eat more chocolates.

Why it is nearly difficult to get pink lips for men?

Why this is nearly difficult on how to get pink lips for men is because some men show little or no care to their lips.

They pay much attention to other parts of their body while neglecting their lips.

When you neglect a particular part of your body while washing, with a time that part becomes dirty.

This is a result of accumulated dirt for a long time.

So, when you neglect your lips, it becomes drier, cracked up and prone to lips darkness more than that of the women you admire.

Now, you always remember that women like the men but will choose a man with pink lips thousands of times before others who have charming lips.

Bonus point: Pink lips are always sexy and the ladies will love you more when you have that baby soft-smooth reddish lips with a charming smile.

Before I give you my killer tips on how to get pink lips for men, carefully follow these tips on


How to remove darkness from your lips and make them pink

  • Eat lots of juicy and watery fruits and vegetables, like berries, cucumber, pineapples, etc. These veggies and fruits as you know help to keep the body hydrated and the skin healthy. When you consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, it makes your skin to look shiny and glowing.
  • Stop the habit of licking your lips when you feel a dryness sensation on the lips. I advise you keep a lip balm always and make sure to use best organic lip balm.
  • Don’t go or work in the sun more often. If you must go, cover your lips with a good lips sunscreen.
  • Drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water a day. In other words, always stay hydrated
  • Reduce your coffee intake; minimize it to 1 cup a day you must take coffee. Don’t take more than 2 cups of tea or coffee daily.


6 Easy Tips on How to get pink lips for men

I will show you explosive tips to finally do away with dark lips, giving you workable and easy-to-do ways and tips on how to get pink lips for men permanently and also how to make lips pink naturally using home remedies.

  1. Quit smoking

Yes, you heard me; you’ve got to quit smoking. I know it sounds hard and weird but you can do it.

Generally, smoking is not good for health. Even at that, it is still more harmful to your facial skin too.

Excess smoking darkens the skin on and around the lips areas.

In extreme cases, it mostly leaves a dark or bluish stain that looks too dark across your lips.

Moreover, it contributes to lips dryness and may burn up the skins around your lips thus, making you to get unwanted dark lips.

  1. Always scrub your Lips gently.

Gently scrubbing your lips or simply put exfoliating your lips helps lightens the lips. This gentle scrubbing removes the dry skin cells that are on your lips.

But however, the lip normally looks bright and neat, but when you exfoliate your lips once or twice a week, it makes it even neater and brighter.

Furthermore, the best chosen time to scrub your lips is morning (right before going out) and evening (right before bedtime).

What are the best lip defoliants or scrubs to use?

There are two popular lips scrubs which have been in use for a long time and are still functioning well.  They are:

  • Sugar and Honey: Mix an equal amount of sugar and honey properly. Now, apply this mixer on your lips correctly then gently massage your lips graciously for like 120 seconds.
  • Soft Toothbrush: Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub your lips during brushing of your teeth, remember to just rub them gently and softly. You may feel see feel uneasy and irritation on your lips for the first two times, but it removes the dry and dark skin on the lips.

You can read “How to scrub your lips perfectly“. In this post, I wrote on a few organic ways to scrub your lips at home easily.

  1. Always eat Honey

Make a habit to always consume honey because it is a great natural moisturizer that you can use on your lips.

If you are keen on how to get pink lips for men, always endeavor to apply some pure honey on your lips and leave it to stay through the night.

The lip slowly absorbs the honey into the lips skin. If you keep applying honey, with the time you will start to have soft and smooth lips because honey as an anti-aging agent helps to make your lips healthy, young and full of life.

  1. Try Lemon Juice

The juices from a lemon fruit have a natural bleaching and anti-aging property. It is this bleaching property of lemon juice that helps in removing discolorations and dark patches on the lips.

  1. Use recommended lip balm

In order to properly arrest dryness of your lips, the best solution is to always moisten your lips with a good lip balm. Although there are way too much lip balms in the market and online shops, I would recommend Chapfix lip balm to you.

Use Chapfix Lip Balm because of its efficacy. On this tip on how to get pink lips for men, it is a very good lip moisturizer for men on Amazon.


  1. Use of Rose Petals

According to experts, rose petals are also anti-oxidants that means it protects your lips from being aged and various risks.

How to use Rose petals to get pink and brighter lips

  • Squeeze some rose petals and mix a little quantity of milk with it.
  • Now prepare a paste with it (rose petals and milk paste).
  • Now apply this solution on your lips.
  • Gently rub your lips with it for 2 minutes.
  • Then wash your lips off and see your lips are brighter.


Wrapping up on how to get baby soft pink lips for men

As you can see fams, the tips mentioned above are not a hard nut to crack. You can get baby soft pink lips for men by firstly stop the habit of smoking, dryness of lips and the rest of them all as mentioned in the beginning of this post.

You can watch this youtube video on how to get pink lips

I believe by now you have learned a bunch on how to get pink lips for men, please, do not hesitate to share to your friends using the social icons below.

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