How to clean your tongue properly (Best Practices)

If you fail to clean your tongue properly, you are making yourself prone to bad breath. Learn how to clean your tongue properly and retain that smile and confidence.

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Do you know that you can avoid bad breath in the morning by the singular act of taking care of your tongue through constant cleaning and swishing?

Take for instance

You wake up in the morning; you took a brush and brushed your teeth. I mean all corners of your teeth then you neglect your tongue. What do you think will happen to overall breath?

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Another instance is this

When you fail to scrub your tongue properly or you don’t know how to clean your tongue properly, you start having stain build up on the surface of your tongue.

Have you seen the tongue of a lactating or weaning child before? That whitish or yellowish layer you see the surface of his or her tongue is called oral thrush.

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Oral thrush as the case may be can be caused by factors like STIs, STDs and so on but one of the common causes of this thrush is lack of proper tongue cleaning or scrubbing.

When you learn how to clean your tongue the way you should, you can see the great difference in your oral lifestyle.

In extreme cases, you may want to apply the use of mouthwash product to combat those offensive odors from the mouth either from the teeth or from the tongue.

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The aim of this post is not to bore you with my blabbing or bore you with what is not rather, just like the saying goes “what is what doing is what doing well”. You need to learn the rudiments of tongue scrubbing and cleaning.

Who is this post meant for?

  • If you have been embarrassed by your friends before because of the awkward color of your tongue, this post is for you.
  • If you have been turned down countless times because of the foul smell from your mouth, this post is for you.
  • If you have been looking for solutions to get back that pink looking tongue color, this post is equally for you.
  • If you have been looking for ways to clean the tongue of your kids, you can read our best baby tongue cleaner tips.
  • If you want to nail bad breath finally and become good with your breath, this post is the right one for you.
  • If you want a lasting natural solution to mouth thrush, tongue stains, and infections, this post is what you need.

Kindly note that you may never know how to get rid of bad breath even after removing a tooth if you don’t know how to properly clean your tongue.

What to expect from this post

  • Expect a not-too-difficult step by step guide on how to clean your teeth the right way
  • Don’t expect a 60 seconds solution to your problem, remember, the patient dog eats the fattest bone.
  • Expect a lasting solution to your tongue problems and lots more.

Best Practices on how to clean your tongue properly and in the right way

Knowing how to brush your teeth properly does not determine that your tongue will be free from thrush or bad breath.

In fact, all the bacteria build-up that forms in your tongue and mouthguard can directly lead to bad breath and I know that you don’t what that.

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Do you know that if your tongue is cracked, it will contain a lot of open grooves that make accommodating environment to hair like bacteria attacks on your taste buds?

Well, that’s by the way as I bring you the best tips on how to take care of your tongue the right way.

Use of soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your tongue

Yes, I recommend soft toothbrush because hard ones will end up giving your tongue injury. Tongue brushing is one of the basic ways to clean your tongue although, it is not the best way it is highly recommended.

This involves lacing your toothbrush with a good toothpaste, bring out your tongue and gently start brushing your tongue.

This method is really good where you can afford the better and conventional tongue scraper. Believe me, this method works wonders to some certain extent.

You should know that the tongue harbors some amount of bacteria, germs and food particles trapped under the soft small pores on your tongue surface.

This bacteria and food particles come together to form a mucus-like build up on the surface of your tongue. If this mucus is left unresolved, it leads to a situation like plaque buildup on the teeth and bad breath.

However, while it looks easy and convenient to get rid of these bacteria and particles out of your tongue using toothbrush, using a tongue scraper will do a better job.

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One of the best ways to clean your tongue properly is with a tongue scraper


diagram of tongue scrapnig

Credits: FABHOW

As seen from the image above, a tongue scraper is one of the best tools to scrub your tongue properly in order to get rid of tongue stains, thrush and bacteria build-up.

What is a tongue scraper?

According to Fabhow tongue scraper is a cleaning tool made of soft, flexible plastic or steel that gently peels the mucus-based layer of bacteria and food particles off the tongue

The fun path is that there is never a chosen moment to scrap your tongue using a tongue scraper. The drill is to move it far into your mouth making sure it scraps your tongue and gently pull it out.

Making use of a tongue scraper to scrub your tongue proper does not require toothpaste or any mouthwash; you can use clean warm water to rinse your mouth after a very good tongue scraping.

The great benefits of tongue scraping are a fresher breath, fewer bacteria buildup, and an overall healthy gum. In my next post, I shall discuss on the best tongue scrapers in the market you can buy online.

Use of oral mouthwash clean your tongue

Using mouthwash products is another good way to clean your tongue and the overall smell of your mouth only that the effects are temporary. See the benefits of mouthwash as regards to your oral health.

There are good mouthwashes which serve as teeth whitening mouthwashes and also oral mouthwashes to choose of amazon.

Although the use of mouthwash to clean your tongue properly won’t be as effective as the use of toothbrush and tongue scrapers, you can still combine them both to achieve the same result (not advisable though).

Use of oil pulling products to clean your tongue

best whitening mouthwash for adults

Oil pulling products literally pulls out bacteria, toxins, and pathogenic substances out of the different tissue from your mouth.

This involves gagging or swishing using oil pulling products like the coconut oil swish (my favorite), sunflower oil etc to remove the bacteria buildup from your mouth and tongue.

This is one of the best methods to deal with mouth thrush.

Wrapping up…

Having taken this time to school you on how to clean your tongue properly, I do hope you put what you’ve learned into practical use.

Do not fail to share with your friends and foes lol..