How to Clean Baby Tongue to Prevent Bad Breath and Oral Thrush

How to Clean Baby Tongue to Prevent Bad Breath and Oral Thrush

Every parent wants to see those cute little smiles from their kids. That being said, you need to learn How to Clean Baby Tongue and at least know the best baby tongue scraper for oral thrush.

Before you proceed,

There is this tradition that most mothers presume when it comes to cleaning a baby’s tongue. 63% percent of mothers clean their baby’s tongue by just using water, and any soft piece of cotton 70 out of 100 times.

That is fine, but today I am going to show you the How to Clean Baby Tongue in other to prevent infections and bad breath in children.

Is water good for getting rid of oral thrush in babies?

Oh yes! Water is good for cleaning the tongue of a baby, but it’s more to just using water.

What period was it when you first cleaned your baby’s tongue?

 Admit it, cleaning a baby’s tongue is more than just a brush-up, it’s quite strenuous especially when the baby is newly born parallel to a few weeks or months old.

Many a time, a baby would only want it feeding bottle in its mouth, trying to put anything else wouldn’t be easy if you don’t want to hurt your baby.  Of course, no mum wants that.

One might as well as say cleaning the tongue of a baby requires a skilled approach as well as knowing what must and must not be used to clean a baby’s tongue.

In this article, I will show you all there is to know about cleaning a baby tongue to prevent bad breath. Prior to this early age, newborn oral care has been ignored or taken less seriously by many parents.

I did like to set an alarm if you have been least concerned about the oral hygiene of your baby, it’s high you time you became solemn concerned about your newborn baby oral care.

What kind of parent gives less attention to their baby?

Do I have to remind you that a lack of care for a baby’s oral hygiene would lead to baby oral thrush?

Yes, you heard that right!

Oral thrush is a month infection very common with babies.

This would eventually make white patches show on your baby’s tongue and result in bad breath. Apart from the fact that oral thrush causes a baby to feel the pain that infection can be passed to a mother through breastfeeding.

No mother would want to experience trying times caused by this dangerous yeast infection which happens to newly born babies under the age of two.

This must be avoided, that is why we have to talk about the best baby tongue cleaner to prevent baby oral thrush, and bad breath.

Have you ever raised a child or watch a neighbor newborn baby as it grows?

I would rather you read this guide word for word, and line for line in order to learn all you need to about keeping your baby mouth clean.

PS: The oral hygiene of the mouth of your baby is equivalent to the overall health of the baby.

 If you don’t give a freak about the oral care of your newly born baby as regular as possible then you’re risking the overall health of your baby.

Are you a mother who is worried about your newborn baby oral care? Don’t worry, I am going to let you in a little secret.

I am going to show you the How to Clean Baby Tongue to Prevent infection, Bad Breath and Oral Thrush and how to keep your baby mouth healthy occasionally.

That’s not all

I will show you how to deal with any baby thrush in case your baby has it by any means. By the way, do you even need a baby tongue cleaner for your baby? Let’s start with that.

Why do you don’t need a baby tongue Cleaner? Is there any reason you shouldn’t use a baby mouth cleaner?

Think! Does your baby truly deserve good health or you would rather wish to stick to the norms?

I don’t think a good mother would have any excuse for not properly taking care of her baby’s tongue.

There is this cliche that most mum has. A lot of mum believes a newborn baby would have to get to a specific age before they can deep anything in its mouth to clean the baby’s tongue.

Perhaps, they will believe using only water would suffice.

I am sorry to say, it’s a wrong practice and that idea needs to be debunked.

There is no good reason or to simply put, there are aren’t any disadvantage of not keeping your baby’s mouth healthy.

Instead, there are a lot of benefits to keep a baby’s tongue clean using a recommended tongue cleaner.

 5 Reasons why you have to keep your baby’s tongue clean.

Do you agree with me that a baby puts many things in its mouth? Yes, it is common.

For that reason, it is quite easy for a baby to develop infection/germs in its mouth, this is the major advantage of cleaning a baby’s tongue at regular intervals.

1. To avoid bad breath:

I have come across many babies, trust me; the Majority of these babies don’t have good oral hygiene and their parents do not make a big deal out of that.

 Most babies have a very unpleasant breath that you wouldn’t find funny.

I really don’t understand why most mums are too lazy to ensure they properly care for the oral health of a child.

Bad breath is one major symptom that you are not keeping your baby mouth clean or you’re using the wrong baby tongue cleaner.

Notwithstanding, you can still handle any bad breath a baby has by using a good method of approach to clean the tongue of your child.

Do not allow your child to have any bad breath, it is not advisable especially for kids who are just growing up.

Be the best mother and not a managing mother.

Your baby needs the best care it can get from you and the first step is to watch the breath of your baby.

A pleasant breath is an equivalence to a pleasant life and a bad breath is parallel to a bad life.

2. To avoid whitish remnant on the baby’s tongue.

This is something you would not want to see.

best baby tongue cleaner for bad breath

So many babies deal with this, and you have to ensure your baby doesn’t experience this.

When a baby’s mouth is unkept, the baby’s tongue might start showing some kind of white coating remnant.

Sometimes it is common, just after feeding the baby, and it will be in the form of a milk residue.

Initially, it is not always something to worry about but must mother let this get out of hand.

Nevertheless, do not mistake a milk residue for a baby oral thrush.

Sometimes the white coating in a tongue would be milk residue, which can be wiped away with no side effect.

But most times that white coating could be a baby thrush which you must avoid at all costs.

If by chance you discover any form of white patches developing on the side of your baby’s tongue which creates some kind of reddish look around it then the oral health of your baby has grown worse.

That is why you need a baby tongue cleaner to maintain the baby’s health.

Prevention is better than cure, you know that! Don’t you?

So to avoid any form of whitish remnant on the baby’s tongue you need to use the best baby tongue cleaner.

3. It keeps the mother safe from infections.

I bet only a few mothers knew this. I wish I didn’t have to say this but mother’s too can suffer side effects of newborn baby thrush. Keeping a baby’s mouth clean is not only beneficial for the baby, but it saves the mother from any form of infection. It, in turn, causes pain around the mother’s areola.

Babies mouth thrush also serves as an infection passed to the mother due to a lack of cleaning the baby’s tongue thereby causing pain and difficulty during breastfeeding. This calls for urgency to look into baby thrush treatment.

So now you see why you have to keep your baby mouth clean.

4. Tongue cleaning guarantees total hygiene for your baby.

A tongue is a vital organ of the body and so is the mouth. The future days of your baby depend on how well you keep the baby healthy right from the very day of birth. The best gift you can give your baby is a good motherhood.

Your baby’s oral is health matters just as the general health of your baby matters. Don’t ever feel weak and forget to play your motherhood purpose. You need to give your cute baby the best life, you have to necessarily give it all you got.

Health is life, nursing a baby is basically a hard job but you cannot deny it because it’s your purpose as a mother.

5. Oral hygiene keeps a baby happy.

And one last reason you need to keep your baby mouth clean by using the best baby mouth cleaner is obviously this; It keeps your baby happy and healthy.

Just watch as your adorable child grows into a lovely and healthy child.


Having known this, it appears that, cleaning a baby’s tongue is very crucial. With these five highlighted pointed it means you should start playing your role as a mother.

Your best bet as a mother is to practice How to Clean Baby Tongue to Prevent Bad Breath and Oral Thrush regularly and effectively.

Hopefully, you now know it’s important to keep your baby’s mouth clean, but don’t forget it’s a sensitive job that needs a professional approach.

To be specific, I want you to understand that cleaning a baby’s tongue is a task and not a cakewalk.

Dear mum, you and I know your baby is not going to show interest when you make an attempt to clean its tongue.

Why trying to do such an activity, the baby will start crying, and it will eventually create a ruckus that will distract you from cleaning the mouth of the baby.

So, I have dedicated this section to show you the best baby tongue cleaning techniques.

You don’t need a nurse or whatever to do this, using a soft gauze and some warm (not hot) water Is still one of the best baby tongue cleaner methods but it’s not limited to that.

You may need to use other tactics and products to clean your baby’s tongue.

for adults, you can also read How to prevent bad breath in the morning fast

what to use to clean baby tongue?

1. A tongue or Gum Cleaner

The wipe used in cleaning a baby’s tongue is very important so you have to use only suitable tongue cleaning wipes. There are some artificially made tongue cleaners designed to remove any residue or fussy deposit from your baby’s tongue. But avoid any fluoridated tongue cleaner as it is harmful to a baby.

2. Warm Water

Water is very important when cleaning a baby’s tongue. It helps make the cleaning process easier and quicker. Do not use hot water, use lukewarm water only.

3. A piece of gauze or a soft cloth

Remember your baby’s tongue is still soft, don’t just use any clothing you feel like using to clean a baby’s tongue. Use only a soft baby clothe. If not germs can be transmitted even when you’re trying to prevent germs.

4. Cotton swabs or earbud

Cotton swabs and earbud are another effective baby tongue cleaners. Most mothers prefer using a cotton swab or an earbud because it works well. You will find this in almost every home.

5. Other baby cleaning products

In conclusion of How to Clean Baby Tongue to Prevent Bad Breath and Oral Thrush, please note that there are some products specially designed for babies.

These products include:

Using it to clean the baby’s tongue will prevent bad breath.

You can get this from a baby’s shop around you.

When to Clean your baby’s tongue.

You have to start cleaning your baby’s tongue from birth each and every passing night.

You do not want to risk any chance of your baby having oral thrush.

It will undoubtedly help your child get accustomed to cleaning his/her teeth regularly when he/she grows.

How to Clean Baby Tongue to Prevent Bad Breath and Oral Thrush

Take note: This is a somewhat delicate process, you’ll have to begin by first cradling your baby in your arms, ensure your baby is comfortable before you start the cleaning process.

  • Get a bowl of lukewarm water and ensure it’s very clean and free from germs.
  • Wash your hand very well to ensure it’s free of germs with soap and clean water.
  • Ensure you have a piece of cotton, earbud, soft cloth or a tongue cleaner.
  • Wrap the soft cloth you’re using around your finger or gently hold the earbud/cotton, whichever you prefer to use.
  • Deep your finger, the cotton of earbud inside the water and gently put your hand in the baby’s mouth. Wipe the upper and lower gum once, and clean the tongue with tenderness without applying much pressure.
  • Don’t worry, when you try to put your hand in the baby mouth it will open it thinking you want to feed him/her.

Baby Thrush Oral Treatment: All you need to know.

I would like to give you a few tips to handle any such thing as baby thrush in regards to homemade baby mouth cleaners. It’s simple to know if your baby has thrush.

There would be creamy white remnants inside the baby’s mouth; That is the most common symptom. However, it could be accompanied by a Redness in the baby’s tongue which will affect the baby while eating or swallowing any food.

Your baby would feel pain under the dentures and will have a loss of taste. Concerning the baby’s oral treatment, do not use an adult home remedy.

For a perfect and effective remedy on How to Clean Baby Tongue, use a tongue or gum wipe, together with a tongue scraper for a good job.

The best baby tongue scraper or cleaner is a sterilized cloth dipped in warm water don’t waste your time looking for any complicated homemade baby mouth cleaner.

Congratulations you have successfully learned all you need about newborn oral hygiene.

We wish you good luck while raising your child.