Is Godiva lip lightening cream the best lip lightening Cream?

Is Godiva lip lightening cream the best lip lightening Cream?

Getting soft pink lips to some people have been a tough task no matter the type of lip balm they use this is why I have decided to do a review on Godiva lip lightening cream. Is it a better alternative to other lip lighteners? Let’s find out…

There is been concern about how to effectively eliminate dark lips especially from smokers and people from hot regions. These growing concerns have made many people seek help through various methods such as using lightening screams, pink lips balms and moisturizers.

This has brought up the question about Godiva lip lightening cream as one of the best lip lightening creams for dark lips. So many fuses about this product and I decided to check it out and do the perfect Godiva lip lightening cream review that is far from biased.

I have done a lot of reviews on the best lip lighteners for smokers and people with dark lips but haven’t done that of Godiva lip lightening balm.  Due to the positive vibe I get from colleagues and neighbors about this product, I was curious and it prompted me to ask questions like.

  • What is so special about Godiva lip lightening cream?
  • Is it a better alternative to Lip dark spot remover?
  • Does Godiva lip lightening cream actually make dark lips pink in 2 weeks?
  • Is Godiva lip lightener better than Lip Treatment by Hanalei?
  • Does it Godiva lightening cream lighten the nipples?

These and more were the questions and claims flying around and I decided to investigate further to find out what is special about this lip lightener. I need to furnish my readers with an honest truth about Godiva lip brightening cream for dark lips and smokers.

Although I have known that Godiva produces one of the best chocolates you can ever eat, I am not too comfortable about their lip lightener.

But seriously, you should check out their chocolates, you’d love it

So, grab some chocolates or popcorn and read this unbiased review of Goddiva lip Lightening Cream for dark lips.

Godiva Lip Lightening Cream Review: Does it really work?

The buss surrounding Godiva lightening cream is deafening. The surprising part is that only a few people I met claimed that it is a good nipple lightening cream as well as a good lip lighter for dark lips.

The funny part is that I searched for this product online but couldn’t find anything to suggest that it actually existed.

Read this:

Once I was shopping at Watson’s Megamall, I saw these Godiva products and what caught my attention is this lip-whitening gloss. I examined it carefully and fell for it.

I started using Godiva LicoWhite Lip Gloss 4G right after I came home. Even before going to sleep, I apply this lip gloss. It is colourless and I would be happier if it has a shade of pink. For me, the result of applying it is like eating oily foods without wiping my lips of. Funny, my friends said the same thing as if I have oily lips. I was not discouraged and see to it that I apply this religiously day and night. One month after using it, there are no visible changes.

From the confession above, you can see that the product was a total waste of time and resources. And I also found out that they’re out of the market for the lip lightening cream.

We all wish to have soft, pink and rosy lips right?

Using a good, working and nourishing lip lightener can be the perfect confidence booster for you. Humans are always striving to get things that will better their lives, pink lips inclusive. Using a lip lightener is one of the ways to do so and I think Godiva Lip lightener is not living up to the hype.

So, what is the way forward?

What is the best lip lightener for pink lips?

Disappointed with the hype on Godiva lip lightening cream? Are you looking for the best alternatives to Godiva lip lightening cream to get pink lips? Then I recommend the following products below. They’re arguable the best lip lightening cream to get your lips pink within a shortest possible time.


If you need the best organic lip lightener that will gradually remove traces of darkness from your lips, then I recommend Organic Tinted Lip Balm by Sky Organics (check price on Amazon). Please this product works well over a period of time. It does not guarantee a quick result in the shortest time. Organics works but they take some time. The good thing is that their results are permanent.

The Evagloss Lightening Serum (check price on Amazon) is another product to consider. It is not your traditional lip balm per se but it can be used generously on all parts of the face and body including but not limited to the inner thighs, armpit/underarm, nipples, lips, knees, elbows, neck, and private areas. There have been reports of people using it with success on their lips too, though best to read the instructions on the packaging before trying.