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Best Mouthwash Dispenser 2020 (Tested and Trusted)

Picking the best mouthwash dispenser might be really challenging because most of them have a lot of great and positive reviews.

I believe you don’t find maintaining your oral hygiene a bad idea which is the reason you are on the lookout for the best mouthwash dispensers.

Well,  the use of mouthwash can help you achieve your oral hygiene goal because you don’t have to bother about bad breath,  getting healthy gums, having strong teeth and a clean tongue. Meanwhile, the use of a mouthwash dispenser will provide convenient access to your mouthwash.

We shall be exposing you to some of the best mouthwash dispensers you can ever think of. You will be required to pick your favorite mouthwash dispenser from the ones that would be discussed today.

But before we proceed;

What Is A Mouthwash Dispenser?

A  mouthwash dispenser or decanter is a machine or device that is designed in such a way that you can have easy access to mouthwash without battling a mouthwash bottle. Some of the best mouthwash dispensers come along with a cup holder or dispenser.

Mouthwash decanters come in various forms with their unique usages but for the purpose of this article, we will be teaching you how to use mouthwash dispensers.

What is the best mouthwash dispensers to buy?

1. GotFreshBreah Auto Mouthwash Dispenser

Not only does this dispenser have a lot of positive reviews online and also one of the best commercial mouthwash with cup holders, but I have also used it personally. It is known as the GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Dispenser (check price on Amazon).

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This is my best pick.

Other best mouthwash decanters include..

2. Crystalize The Perfect Measure Mouthwash Dispenser

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The Crystalize “Perfect Mouthwash Dispenser” is a beautiful and good looking dispenser that is perfect for the bathroom! You press down with your palm to dispenses 2 ounces of mouthwash into your cup. Its chrome finish makes it look classy for your bathroom.

3. mDesign Mouthwash Pump Dispenser

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The mDesign Mouthwash Pump Dispenser is very practical! It even includes a small paper cup holder and 8 cups as part of the product! Perfect for the guest bedroom or to take with you on an extended trip.

4. AOZITA 16 Ounce Glass Mouthwash Dispenser with pour spout, shot glass, funnel and labels


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If you want all the bells and whistles that is also multi-purpose then you need to consider AOZITA’s mouthwash dispenser. The package includes TWO glass bottles as well as a pour spouts, shot glasses, steel funnels and labels as well! So if you’re purchasing multiple different types of mouthwashes this is great value as a dispenser.

5. Rail19 Glass Mouthwash Dispenser


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Simple, practical and a pour spout. Rail19’s Glass Mouthwash Dispenser is a simple product which performs the job that you need easily. It’s a nice looking bottle too with its gold finishes which will complement most bathrooms.

How To Use A Mouthwash Dispenser or Decanters

  • Unlock the cup dispenser to get a cup
  • Push the plastic attached to the mouthwash dispenser valve backward so as to fill your cup with the mouthwash.
  • Get your desired quantity of mouthwash.

Note that not all mouthwash dispensers require a lot of installation before using because most of them are easy to use. It only depends on the product of the mouthwash dispenser you are getting.

Best Commercial Mouthwash Decanters or Dispensers With Cup Holder

 We will be talking about the GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Dispenser in this section because it is arguably the best commercial mouthwash dispenser with cup holders.

Well, I am glad the installation process and usage of this product has been discussed earlier in this article. Below are other things you need to know about the GotFreshBreath mouthwash dispenser.

GotFreshBreath (check price on Amazon) is a very easy to operate product except for the installation process which seems to be technical. Aside from that, everything else gets so easy.

Meanwhile, the installation process had been discussed earlier and that should make you worry less. This product stands out to be one of the best mouthwash dispensers online and offline.

It is a beautiful and appealing product that can be mounted in the bathroom/restrooms of commercial environments like offices, hostels, hospitals, receptions, and so many others. Some notable features of this product are listed below;

  • You can mount it on the wall
  • It can stand on its own
  • It has a tamper proof
  • It doesn’t use batteries to work.
  • It has an adjustable drip tray
  • It has no alcoholic content.
  • Each mouthwash bottle has about 12 servings.
  • It comes with a bottle of mouthwash and 12.5mm sized set of cups.

Some unique benefits of buying the GotFreshBreath mouthwash dispenser include;

  • Getting extra bottles of mouthwash
  • Being able to stand it without mounting
  • Easy to use
  • Appealing construction,
  • Presence of cup dispenser or holder.

Check Price on Amazon (Black)

Check Price on Amazon (Chrome)

Benefits of Using Mouthwash Dispensers 

  • You won’t find mouthwash bottles littered around you.
  • You won’t have to bother about handling mouthwash bottles.
  • You will get easy access to your mouthwash.
  • You will have a lot of mouthwash stored in the dispenser
  • You won’t have to bother about bad breath and other oral issues
  • You will be able to maintain good mouth hygiene.

How to install a mouthwash Dispenser

Stage 1 – Installation Process – You should follow this guide if you are willing to mount your mouthwash dispenser on the wall. But if that is not the case, you can proceed to stage 2.

  1. Remove the dispenser from the packaging and take off the protector sleeve.
  2. Find the two keys at the back of the dispenser and unlock.
  3. Get the pack of screws and that will be used to mount the dispenser bracket on the wall.
  4. Use the mounting screws to mount the dispenser bracket in a position that is accessible for everyone to use. Most especially when mounting in a commercial environment.
  5. After mounting the dispenser brackets, attach the dispenser into the wall by sliding it into the brackets.
  6. Fix the cup dispenser to the side of the dispenser bracket.
  7. Ensure the dispenser is tightly screwed to the mounting brackets to prevent customers from removing the dispenser from the wall.
  8. Confirm if the dispenser door is able to open and close without coming in contact with the attached dispenser.
  9. Remove all the nylon covering the dispenser.
  10. Open the mouthwash cover, leaving the seal behind
  11. Turn it upside down and place and push it against the dispenser’s valve.
  12. After this is done, you should ensure that no mouthwash leaks.
  13. You can now close the mouthwash dispenser door.
  14. Remove the cups from the packaging and then use it to fill the cup dispenser.
  15. You will find the cup dispenser control beneath it

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I believe you now know how to install and use one of the best mouthwash dispensers ( GotFreshBreath) without stress. Installation of other brands of mouthwash decanter follow the same step, just a slight difference

Conclusion – Best Mouthwash Dispensers

I believe you have learnt a lot concerning the best mouthwash dispensers you can buy. Therefore, it is left for you to take action by placing an order for any of the mouthwash dispensers that we have mentioned above.

Meanwhile, you should not forget to share the post using the social share button in order to let people know about the best mouthwash dispensers they can buy now.