Best Kids Mouthwash 2020

Best Kids Mouthwash 2020: The Ideal Oral Rinse for Kids

Today, I will be talking about the ideal oral rinse for kids, that is, the best kids mouthwash 2020. Learn about the best oral rinse for your children. It is very wrong to use mouthwash meant for an adult for kids.

Although, as adults, we have our own special mouthwash there are also specialized mouthwashes for kids to use. Because, kids are more prone to oral issues like decay, oral thrush, and bad breath more than the adults.

As a parent, there are things you should know about mouthwash for children.

Take, for instance, children require some special kinds of ingredients in their mouthwash to boost their tooth enamel and also give them stronger and healthier teeth. Besides, it is wrong to use mouthwash on kids below the age of 6.

What you Should Know About kids Mouthwash

The mouthwash you use on your child can either make him/her or mar him/her. this is why you need to know about the mouthwash you are buying for your child.

The mouthwash you buy for your kid must contain fluoride. This ingredient helps to reduce tooth decay in your children. in fact, while going for the best kids mouthwash, I strongly advise you buy a product that has the fluoride ingredient in it.

Remember, it is advised not to use a mouthwash that contains fluoride on kids below 6 as too much too early on can cause fluorosis in children.

Fluorosis can be defined as a condition that is associated with the exposure of fluorine compounds to a kid quite early. This leads to teeth discoloration since the child is still trying to grow her permanent teeth.

Mouthwash is really important to the life of your kids, not only does it helps to freshen up the breath of your kid especially after flossing and brushing, but it also helps to get rid of bad breath, cavitation and bacteria attacks in the mouth.

Mouthwash with the fluoride compound present is a great tool in treating teeth cavitation in children. Exposing your kids to the use of these enriching mouthwash is important.

It is also important for you as a parent to put your child under good surveillance to make sure they use these mouthwashes without swallowing them.

What is the best Oral rinse for toddlers?

If you are in a hurry, I generally recommend Listerine Smart Rinse alcohol-free mouthwash for kids (check price on Amazon) and ACT Anticavity Fluoride Rinse comes in great tasting flavors made just for kids (check price on Amazon) as the best kids mouthwash for children and toddlers, but if you want an elaborate view, see the table below.

if you want to reduce tooth plaque, tooth decay and bad breath from the mouth of your kids, this ideal oral rinse will help you greatly.

Benefits of kids mouthwash or Oral rinse for kids

Most kids haven’t wrapped their hands yet on how to properly brush their teeth and flossing their teeth. Now you can agree with me that food particles and germs often get stuck up in their mouth right? This mouthwash makes it easier for your kid to have fresh breath just by swishing this mouthwash.

if your kids wear a brace on their teeth, mouthwash helps to soften those foods particle clogged up there and makes it clean and fresh.

Note: All the mouthwash listed here are alcohol-free and they work very well

3 Best Kids Mouthwash 2020: The Ideal Oral Rinse for Kids

This is the list of the best oral rinse for children above 6 years…


Editors Choice

Listerine Smart Rinse Kids Alcohol-Free Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash 

  • Alcohol-free based mouthwash
  • Contains fluoride compounds to fight tooth decay
  • It offers 24-hour cavity protection when used twice daily
  • Proven to be 99% times better than brushing
  • It kills germs that cause bad breath and give your child a fresher breath.

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Parents Choice

Hello Oral Care Kids ADA Approved Anticavity Fluoride Rinse


  • Vegan and alcohol-free
  • Natural Wild Strawberry Flavor
  • Natural kids anticavity rinse
  • This Fluoride rinse is proven to prevent cavities
  • It contains no artificial sweeteners and no artificial flavors
  • Naturally the best kids mouthwash according to moms

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Editors Second Choice

ACT Kids Anticavity Fluoride Rinse Wild Watermelon 16.9 Ounce


  • Comes with a great tasting flavor made just for kids
  • Provides maximum fluoride suitable for your kids daily
  • It helps prevent tooth decay 
  • ACT together with brushing and flossing helps prevent cavities
  • It freshens your child’s breath

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How to choose the best mouthwash for your Kid?

To choose the best mouthwash for your kid, there are things you need to look out for in a mouthwash. Remember, Mouthwash can show and reach those places where toothbrushes and toothpaste can’t reach. The things to look out for in mouthwashes for kids are:

  • mouthwash for kids must be certified by FDA
  • it must contain little Fluoride
  • it must be alcohol-free
  • Must have natural ingredients
  • Must be chemical and paraben-free
  • it must not have preservatives



Now that you have been enlightened on the best kids mouthwash for fresh breath and healthy teeth, it is important to always consult your doctor in case of any emergency. while Supervising your child in her early stages of using a mouthwash will also let you make sure that he is actually brushing and flossing before using the oral rinse for kids.

Just make sure you are picking the best for the child and remember that mouthwash does not take the place of brushing and flossing for your kids.