Best Detox Pills To Pass Drug Tests 2020 (Tested and Trusted)

Are you preparing for a mouth swab drug test? are you looking for the best saliva drug neutralizing pill? You shall find out the best detox pills to pass a drug tests in this article today.

You already know that passing a drug test at times can be tricky but one of the guaranteed ways to pass this test is by taking detox pills.

What are detox pills?

Detox pills are drugs taken for the purpose of cleansing your body system thereby getting rid of all the toxic substances that are present. 

Meanwhile, you already know that excessive intake of drugs is harmful to the body which is the reason most people are tested in order to confirm that they are not drug addicts.

But in a situation whereby it is paramount for you to pass this drug before you can proceed with some important appointment, then you should consider taking some of these detox pills that will be discussed as you read through.

Top 5 Detox Pills To Pass Drug Tests within 10 hours

The detox pills selected here are the most recommended and the top choices for people who are willing to pass a drug test. So let’s check them out below;

1. THC 2 Day Pro Detox Kit

THC 2 Day Pro Detox Kit stands out to be one of the most recommended pills to pass different categories of drug test including urine tests, saliva tests, and blood tests. This product has been tested and confirmed working based on a lot of reviews gathered from both kinds of research online and offline. Meanwhile, there are different plans for this pill where the most common of all is the 10 – day plan.


    • It is a quality detox pill
    • It gives a wonderful result
    • It is affordable
    • They offer money-back guarantee
    • It has a testing kit to check your chances of passing a drug test.
    • Guarantees two days body detoxification.

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2. Rescue Detox ( Permanent 5 – Days Detox)

One of the main selling points of these detox pills is that it cleanses your body system permanently except the toxin is later introduced. This product is one of the top-selling best detox pills to pass drug tests in the market today with a lot of positive feedback from its customers. It is a good option for those who want to pass a drug test without stress because it has been proven to help detoxify various categories of drugs. A pack of Rescue Detox comes with 12 capsules where 4 are meant for the detoxification while 8 are meant to regulate your body system.


  • Pros
    • It provides you with a permanent result.
    • It cleanses your body system in 5 – days
    • It provides quality results and has been tested by several customers.

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3. Stat Flush


Stat Flush has been proven to be among the best detox pills to pass drug tests because I found out that it has so many five star reviews on Amazon. So many verified customers of this pill claimed that it will work when used as directed. This product has been said to be the one the fastest because it is capable of masking the toxins present in your body system even if you have got a few hours to take your drug test. A bottle of stat flush is known to contain only five pills to be used as directed.


    • It has been confirmed working by its users
    • It gives fast results
    • It can mask several categories of toxins
    • It is easy to take
    • It has recorded a high success rate


      • It works temporarily – last for about 3 – 4 hours
      • You can’t take the pills along with a caffeine

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4. Super QCaps ( Herbal Clean) 


This yet another great pill that can help you pass a drug test. The super QCaps is a product herbal clean that has been repackaged to a 4 capsule pack meant to hide the harmful substances present in your body system. This product is made from some major nutrients and herbs which makes it able to mask the toxin present in your body system for about 5 hours. This simply implies that Super QCaps is a temporary pill for you to pass a drug test.


    • It is made with a lot of vitamins and minerals
    • It is one of the best last-minute preparations to pass a drug test.
    • It processes for as fast as 45 minutes.


    • It works temporarily for passing a drug test

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5. Herbal Pre – Cleanse Formula

best detox pills to pass drug tests

This also belongs to the list of the best detox pills to pass drug tests. This pill has been tested and confirmed by its customers who have given it some five-star review. It has been proven to eliminate unwanted substances like drugs from your body system within a reasonable period of time. The period at which you get results takes about 12 to 30 days after consistently taking the pills daily. Well, this actually depends on the toxicity and the rate of metabolism of the person. A bottle of Herbal Pre – Cleanse Formula comes with 60 tablets where two tablets are to be taken daily for 30 days.


    • It has been confirmed working by several customers.
    • It detoxifies your body system generally.


    • It cannot be used for an emergency drug test

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When Can You Consume Detox Pills?

Let’s quickly talk about some of the situations when you can take detox pills so that you don’t go wrong with it.

  • When you want to test negative for a drug test.
  • When you want to lose weight
  • When you want to promote the proper functioning of your liver and kidney.
  • When you want to boost your body’s immune system.
  • When you want to cut your body fat.
  • When you want to boost your body metabolism 

Conclusion – Best Detox Pills To Pass Drug Tests

Based on a series of reviews that I have come across online and also our personal review of these detox pills. We’ll advise you to go for the Rescue Detox Pills because the product stands out to be the best fit for everyone who wishes to test negative for an upcoming drug test.

Another best detox pills to pass drug tests you can try out is the super QCaps herbal cleanser. Not only is this a natural product, but it is also very effective. Its potency can be felt as far as 45 minutes.

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Finally, there are other methods of passing a compulsory saliva drug test for example, aside from detox pills, we also have detox mouthwashes that have proven to be effective for some time now.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section by letting us know what you think about these detox pills discussed today.