Best cream for Lip Blisters (Antiviral Creams for Cold Sores)

5 Best cream for Lip Blisters (Antiviral Creams for Cold Sores)

Are you having fever blisters (popularly known as cold sores) around your lips? Here is a collection of the best cream for lip blisters for the treatment of sores on your lips.

So, an ardent follower of mouth care tech mailed me and asked me to recommend a lip balm for lip blisters, personally, I haven’t had blisters in my lips before.

So, I decided to do my research I asked around the neighborhood about anyone who has got the same issue, 5 of them came up with a list of lip creams they used to treat blisters and inflammation on their lips.

According to them, these are the best cream for lip blisters you can try out if you are experiencing such oral unpleasantness on your lips.

Remember, there is other lip blisters treatment out there, of which the usage of one of the creams is one of them. Antiviral creams for lips blisters have been proclaimed to work well especially in the combination with antibiotics and antiviral drugs.

In fact, in the treatment of cold sores, it is strictly advised to use these antiviral creams on your lips together with Antiviral drugs. This drug, taken by mouth can help to prevent cold sores and as well as aid the faster healing of the blisters on your lips.

In case you are still in the dark on what lip blisters are all about, I am going to show you what this means below.

What are lip blisters?

Lip blisters are cold sores or fever blisters formed on your lips, as a result, such medical conditions like herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), a tiny virus that passes from person-to-person by direct contact with infected skin and fluids, including saliva and other secretions. It can also be caused by acute fever where you exhibit symptoms in form of fever blisters.

If left unattended to on time, it could degenerate to something more serious and can be transferred to the eyes, the skin of the fingers, the genital area causing genital herpes.

In the treatment of lip blisters, you will need to take Vitamin C Supplements (check price on Amazon) and Antiviral drug supplements (check price on Amazon) to heal the blisters faster and permanently.

You can get antiviral drugs over the counter but the best is to contact a professional doctor for prescriptions.

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I hope you get the point now?

These the recommend antiviral creams for lips blisters.

5 Best cream for Lip Blisters (Antiviral Creams for Cold Sores)

These are the top 5 best antiviral creams for lips blisters at home.

Quantum Health Super Lysine+ ColdStick


 First on my list because it has been widely chosen as the best cream for lip blisters by the majority of users worldwide. Not only is it generally accepted, but it is also FDA approved as one of the top creams for cold sores and fever blisters on the lips.

This unique balm combines honey, echinacea, and vitamins to make the perfect salve for restoring healthy, satiny lips dried from fever blisters, harsh weather, and dehydration faster.

What makes this antiviral cream for fever blisters special?

According to popular knowledge, this product penetrates deep into your lip skin to stop the spread of the virus to other parts of your body. This cream is perfect for treating cold sores and fever blisters on the face or lips because it drastically reduces the duration of tingling, pain, burning, and itching symptoms on your lips.

It also contains SPF 21 protection to help protect against cold sore triggers, such as sun exposure.

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Herpecin L Lip Balm Stick, SPF 30 & Lysine


Another wonderful revelation is the Herpecin Lip balm.  One of the special features of this balm over the one above is that it contains SPF 30 which helps to protect your lips from sunburn as a result of exposure to sunlight.

This product is actually preferable if you are always exposed to sunlight. 

Formulated with ingredients such as lysine, vitamins C, B6, and E, lemon balm, and added SPF 30 protection, Herpecin L generally soothes, moisturizes, and creates an SPF 30 barrier to protect your lips against the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, its strongest selling point is the treatment of cold sores on your lips.

Their other ability includes the treatment of chapped lips and lip dryness.

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Basic Organics L-Lysine Lip Ointment


If you are comfortable with using organic products to treat cold sores or blisters on your lips, use Basic organics lip ointment.

Made with vitamins A, D, and E, Tincture of Benzoin, Menthol and Camphor, this natural antiviral cream for fever blisters is effective in the treatment of cold sores, fever blisters, dry chapped lips, dry skin and minor skin irritations fast.

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Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment for Dryness and Cold Sores


This product is specially made to heal lip dryness and cold sores. It’s one of the top antiviral creams for fever blisters you cannot overlook.

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Urban ReLeaf Lysine and Lemon Balm Blister Soothing Gel


This is another great natural antiviral gel for lip blisters. It works in great ways in the treatment of cold sores, fever blisters, rashes, red bumps, pox, raw, chapped skin. It also helps to suppress outbreaks, heal delicate tissue around your mouth, and give you this natural feel without any side effects.

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Conclusion on the best cream for lip blisters

After much research on which of the products work best, I can confidently tell you in my opinion that the first two products mentioned are really effective but my best pick is Quantum Health Super Lysine+ ColdStick (check price on Amazon).

If you are a fan of natural and organic products, I recommend Basic organics lip ointment (check price on Amazon) and Urban ReLeaf Lysine (check price on Amazon).

Try them out and stick with whichever works for you best.