Best charcoal mouthwash to buy

Best charcoal mouthwash to buy (Buyers Guide)

Having checked various brands of activated charcoal mouthwash, I have compiled a list of the best charcoal mouthwash to buy and use. Are you considering switching to activated charcoal mouthwashes? Read this review first!

After a fun-filled experience with activated charcoal toothpaste, I decided to try my hands on charcoal mouthwash.

You see, I am a fan of organic product and I tend to be drawn to the most trending products in the market. So, I have been getting this question from my readers via email on the charcoal mouthwash.

What is the best activated charcoal mouthwash to buy?

Prior to this article, I tried my hands on Hello Charcoal mouthwash (view on Amazon), Avistar Natural Activated Charcoal Mouthwash (view on Amazon), My Magic Mud – Activated Charcoal Oral Rinse (view on Amazon) and other charcoal mouthwash I realized something wonderful.

Not only that they are very much organic, but these products also remove stain and leave your breath as fresh as ever.

What is so special about charcoal mouthwash?

Unlike activated charcoal toothpaste powders, the charcoal mouthwash is not abrasive to your gums, it is like your normal mouth rinse.

If you have sensitive gums, it is ill-advised to use charcoal powder because it can roughen up your gums but you can pick one of these best charcoal mouthwashes.

Most conventional mouthwashes are made up of alcohol and fluoride but not charcoal mouthwash. So, having tested some of these charcoal products in a couple of months, I have compiled them for you check out in the table below according to my preference.

Are you in a hurry to go? this is the list of the top best charcoal mouthwash to buy. you can check them out if you cannot read to the end for a more elaborate review.

1Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal MouthwashCheck Price on Amazon
2My Magic Mud – Activated Charcoal Oral RinseCheck Price on Amazon
3Avistar Natural Activated Charcoal MouthwashCheck Price on Amazon
4Midnight White Activated Charcoal Mouth Rinse 16 FL OZ (473 ML)Check Price on Amazon
5OLIVIA CARE Oil Pulling Mouthwash with Activated CharcoalCheck Price on Amazon


5 Best charcoal mouthwash to buy 2020 (My Honest Review)

1. Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Mouthwash Review


To me, this is arguably the best charcoal mouthwash to buy. Its dark color doesn’t stain my teeth as I thought it would. It actually tastes good (a strong mint taste). The mouthwash burns very mildly, which I actually like because it makes me feel like it’s actually working.

The burn is much milder than traditional mouthwash, but, if you are looking for sensitive mouthwash, you may not like that burning, it is better you go for mouthwash for sensitive gums and teeth.

Active Ingredients: Purified water, vegetable glycerin, polysorbate 80, flavor (yum), xylitol, erythritol, poloxamer 407, charcoal powder, coconut oil, sodium benzoate, and tea tree oil.


  • Soothes and moisturizes the mouth
  • Freshens breath and maintains stability
  • Whitens teeth
  • Alcohol-free
  • Flouride-free
  • Tastes good


  • Has a slight burning sensation
  • Not good for people with sensitive gum and teeth

Check Price on Amazon

2. My Magic Mud – Activated Charcoal Oral Rinse Review

Active Ingredients: 35% concentration of xylitol, reverse osmosis water, turmeric, and aloe vera.


  • It soothes the mouth & gums
  • Brighten your smile
  • Protect against cavity-causing bacteria
  • No burning sensation
  • Good for people with sensitive teeth and gums


  • Mild taste unlike Hello mouthwash which has a mint taste

Check Price on Amazon

3. Avistar Natural Activated Charcoal Mouthwash Review


This is my third best charcoal mouthwash. if not for the price, I would gladly recommend this again and again. Cleans teeth freshen your breath, strengthens enamel and improves gum health.

I did not only noticed freshness of my breath but I do notice that it gets rid of a lot of food that regular brushing and other mouthwashes leave behind. It doesn’t burn like Listerine and the black colour doesn’t stain my counters or sink.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Freshens breath
  • No artificial colors or flavours
  • Whitens teeth


  • Not very nice taste

Check Price on Amazon

4. Midnight White Activated Charcoal Mouth Rinse 16 FL OZ (473 ML) Review


I find that this product gives a cleaner mouth and fresher breath after my first few uses. It tastes great and I feel an immediate difference.


  • Tastes good
  • 100% natural
  • Freshens breath
  • smooth and not gritty
  • Brightens teeth
  • Alcohol-free


  • A little bit expensive

Check Price on Amazon

5. OLIVIA CARE Oil Pulling Mouthwash with Activated Charcoal Review


Made with 100% all Natural Ingredients! Made with Coconut Oil and Activated Charcoal to maximize its cleaning abilities in a non-harmful way, great for treating bad breath and gingivitis.

Active Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Mentha Piperia (Peppermint) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Carbon (Activated Charcoal Powder)


  • Tastes good
  • Freshens breath
  • Treat tooth decay


  • Not to be swallowed or ingested
  • Weakens enamel

Check Price on Amazon

How Does Charcoal Mouthwash Work?

You know that most traditional mouthwash has alcohol as one of its ingredients, not only that some also have fluoride. While alcohol is one of the active ingredients in a mouthwash but it could cause mouth dryness with leads to bad breath but how does charcoal mouthwash actually work?

Charcoal is an organic product that as some unique qualities to remove stains, tartar, and when combined with baking soda helps to remove tooth plaque. As a mouthwash, activated charcoal mouthwash gives you fresh breath without a chalky taste.

Is Charcoal Mouthwash actually Safe?

Activated charcoal mouthwash is safe with no side effects. Dentists have warned activated charcoal powder can damage your tooth enamel, but I think that warning should only be adhered to if you use activated charcoal toothpaste because you are brushing your teeth.

In the case of charcoal mouthwash, you are just using it to rinse your mouth. But do not hesitate to contact your dentist if you are unsure.

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Which Is The Best Charcoal Mouthwash to buy?

Having considered the products above, I will base my judgment which charcoal mouthwash on the following criteria:

  • price point
  • taste
  • ingredients
  • Testimonies from other users

I fell deeply in love with three products and I am even confused about which one to call the best charcoal mouthwash. Left for me, I’d gladly choose them all but that’s not possible.

After some rigorous online, I concluded that the main three charcoal mouthwash brands are Hello (view on Amazon), My Magic Mud (view on Amazon) and Avistar Natural Activated Charcoal Mouthwash (view on Amazon).

My only problem with midnight white activated charcoal mouth rinse is that it is a little bit expensive unlike Hell and my magic mud. My preference though.

The Hello charcoal mouthwash (check price on Amazon) much better and cheaper. I liked the subtle feel, the strong mint taste. To me, the colour doesn’t actually matter. 

Finally, It’s also easier to find and buy, as its widely available on Amazon with a large customer support base, Target and more places. 

It does matter which of them you actually use as this review is based on my personal encounter.